RetroGamingRoundup Episode 1 Now Available

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The first episode of the new RetroGamingRoundup podcast, which was conceived after the retirement of RetroGaming Radio and featuring some of that show's former associates, is now available for download, here. I'm downloading the 150MB MP3 file now and will definitely give it a listen when time permits. Let us and them know what you think of this exciting new monthly effort!

The contents:


Host Introductions - Find out how the show came about, who we are and what gaming means to us!

Interview with Mr. Phil Adam, Co-Founder of Spectrum Holobyte, President of Interplay and the man who brought Tetris to US Shores.

Game Review of Grand Prix Legends, 1998 PC

Hardware Flashback - Pinball 2000

Game Review of Vector Tanks, Atari Iphone/Ipod Touch

Top Ten Arcade to home console / computer Ports

LIVE! From the Swap Meet - 17-01-2009

Current RetroGaming News

Upcoming Gaming Expos for 2009


Grand Prix Legends

Youtube GXTracker

GPL Addicts

GPL Track Database

Jim Pearson

The Night Mod



GPL Rank

Clark-Hill Racing


Laser Starfield Projector

1991 Nintendo Training Video

News on Stern Pinball

Pinball Passion

TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball

This Old Pinball, pinball restoration and pinball repair videos!


2600 USB Joystick

Van Halen Asteroids

EU Wii VC Releases

Brand New Boxed NES on eBay

Rarity Guide

Vintage Games: An Insider look....

Computer Space Fan

New ColecoVision Project

Vector Tanks coming to iPhone

10 Ugliest Gaming Consoles

Games released as Freeware

Piracy Explained


2009 Texas Pinball Festival

Midwest Gaming Classic

SC3 - Southern California Classic Collectors

Too Many Games – Classic Videogame Convention

Classic Console and Arcade Gaming Show 2009

Video Game Summit 2009

Houston Area Arcade Group

Portland Retro Gaming Expo

Northwest Chuckwagon Roundup 2009

Byte Back 2009

Insert Coin 2009

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Brief mention of the

Brief mention of the "Vintage Games" book at the 300 minute mark of the 328 minute show...

Thanks guys!

Vintage Games book!
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