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Here's an announcement from quality gaming-centric alternative electronic auction Website,

Hello Chuckwagon Community -

We are fast approaching the conclusion of our first year of existence and I think together we have all come pretty darn far. If you would have asked me in the beginning if I thought after 10 months we would be sitting with nearly 2,000 members and over 66,000 auctions, I would have thought you were all crazy. After all, no other auction site dedicated to gaming has ever got out of the starting gates. Right now, is the most successful auction site ever, dedicated to this hobby we all love.

To prepare for our second year of existence I call out to all of you to remember why you joined ChaseTheChuckwagon in the first place. For most of us (me, included) it was because we wanted a new, fresh auction alternative. One that didn’t stink of corporate goals and website red-tape; one that brought on-line auctions back to its roots; one that takes the best of the auction format so successfully pioneered by Ebay and tosses out the rest including the fees; one that is dedicated to our hobby; one that is comprised of our gaming and game collecting peers.

You have all spoken and throughout the past year I have listened and introduced an auction site that has been improved, provisioned and accessorized around your suggestions and requests. We all have had a hand in creating this site and now I ask you all to please, remember why you are here. Many have had success selling on the site and many of you have yet to list a single item. Ask yourself what can you do to help us continue to grow this community and keep the Chuckwagon moving toward the goal of becoming the #1 video gaming buy/sell destination on the web. This community is for you and it needs you to become successful. We have overcome the awkward start up period with no traffic, no members, no auctions, no nothing. Now we have our listings booming out all over the net with feeds going to as well as Google Base. There are more people searching the site than ever before. This year should see considerable more growth than our first year.

I ask all of you to stand behind the community that we all want to succeed. List a few items each month. Relist your items when they expire. Keep our listings growing each and every month. And for those of you who are still unsure about selling I ask you to do this one exercise. Pick the video game system of your choice and do an Ebay search for “ending items”. Look down that page and look at all the items ending without any bids. Now consider that you and all others who list and don’t sell are paying the fees. Now, ask yourself why this continues to happen. Let me tell you, and I am sure other sellers here agree, nothing feels better than selling some things on the Chuckwagon and not paying the same fees you are used to on Ebay. Give the Chuckwagon an opportunity to earn your listings. But, in the same respect, give the Chuckwagon a chance to work. Listing an item here and there will not give you an accurate picture of our site. Take a month and list like you would on Ebay and then you will start to see what many here are seeing; that it works every bit as good as Ebay. And for all of you listing, please promote your auctions on the forums as all the Ebay sellers do. It takes all of us working together to keep the Chuckwagon growing and to keep it fresh in the forums and peoples minds. That is what it is going to take to derail the Ebay train.

If you are an industry writer, blogger or trendsetter, please find something interesting about our story and write about it. If any of you have suggestions please feel free to bring them to my attention. There are many great suggestions that have yet to be implemented, but I am aware of all of them that have come across my path since we started. I have set up a single site to act as homepage for all things Chuckwagon, book mark it as a convenient entry into one of our four sites –

2009 will mark the first year of our regional “Chuckwagon Roundups”. These will be small social gatherings of Chuckwagon members that will take place around other regional video game expos. This is an opportunity for us to meet and for you to meet other gamers and collectors. This reinforces that is more than just a video gaming auction site, but an auction site made up of video gamers. We are a community, first and foremost. Regional Chuckwagon Roundups will be announced via email so you will always know when one is happening in your neck of the woods.

To help us to continue spreading the word, consider joining and taking part in our networking attempts.

Here are individual links to all our networking pages:

As you can see, there is lots going on and it’s all for you, our members. And for those of you who have read this long post, I thank you from the bottom of my video gaming heart.

Let’s do this!

So Cal Mike, Fellow Chuckwagon Member