Blackberry Curve Headset Options: Advice Requested

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Matt Barton
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As you know, I recently purchased a Blackberry Curve. While I'm still testing out the bells and whistles, one thing I discovered almost immediately is the need for a headset of some sort, particularly when listening to music or making calls (putting this thing up to my ear just feels odd, and the speaker isn't that great). I've been flummoxed, though, with what kind of thing I should get. Is it worth getting a bluetooth for the wireless? I've heard the sound quality is bad, particularly when listening to music, which I'd like to do. I'm also not a big fan of ear buds, since they almost always fall out a bunch or make my ears hurt. I hate anything pressing on my ears. My ideal is usually an around-the-ear can type of device, but that admittedly might be bulky for working out or talking on the phone with.

I'm not really sure what to get, so I'll just describe what I like and maybe you can give me advice:

1. Something comfortable I can wear while talking on the phone.
2. Something I can listen to music on (high quality).
3. Comfortable enough to wear for hours; no stupid things falling out of my ear or pressing on them.
4. Something I can wear in bed (I like to listen to lectures from the teaching company when I go to bed).
5. Something portable enough I can take it with me to work.
6. Something I can work out while wearing (lower priority).
7. No long messy cables to get tangled up in my pocket (I hate that).

That's about all I can think of at the moment.

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If it means anything, the

If it means anything, the bluetooth stereo headset I have sounds good, so I imagine the sound quality issue has pretty much been licked. Like I mentioned in the video, I actually have a mini mono bluetooth headset for phone calls and a separate stereo headset (that can also do phone calls) for listening to music/watching TV on the phone. Obviously I can't have both active at once - it's one or the other, though depending on the way your phone does profiles you may be able to assign one to music and one to calls.

By the way, I don't think cost is a factor either. My mono headset was like $20 and the stereo one was less than $40. I'd go cheap. There are lots of good brands out there and of course it's all wireless, which is the true bonus.

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