Rogue Leaders: MUST BUY

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I just got my review copy of Rogue Leaders. I intend to write a full-length review in the next week or so, but I can definitely say right now that this is a book that NO, I repeat, NO, fan of LucasArts games will want to miss. It's beautifully produced; top quality, and jam-packed with amazing images, game design plans, interviews, photos of all kinds...You'd have to basically be nuts not to order this one right away. I'm very impressed (blown away, really) and can't wait to delve more into it.

I'll have more to say about it in my upcoming review, but was too excited about the book to keep silent. Get it! And use the damn link below!


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Zak is my fav of all the

Zak is my fav of all the SCUMM games. Followed by MM1, Indy 3 then MI1.

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