Special ColecoVision Project - Secret 1

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Check it out! Daniel Bienvenu contacted me to narrate a video for his latest COLECOVISION project. He is a homebrew programmer deeply involved in programming new titles for the classic Colecovision system. This title will be worked on throughout 2009 and hopefully debut sometime in 2010! Here is the resulting video, it is just one of a series of sneak peek teaser videos to get the word out on this exciting new project for Colecovision enthusiasts!

Another video asking for colour suggestions for the cartridge, much longer video narrated by Dale Wick (another guest voice)


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I'll been following this for

I'll been following this for a while, including the saga with the plastic molds and options. My vote has always been for gold, since I can't think of any other homebrew that has used gold as of yet. I'm all for original, as we've had plenty of classic recreations and conversions of late.

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