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PowerGlove: I love the PowerGlove. It's so bad.PowerGlove: I love the PowerGlove. It's so bad.Here's the DVD release you've all been waiting for--The Wizard, that classic Nintendo-propaganda film starring Fred Savage is on its way. Kotaku has the infamous PowerGlove scene from the film playing on its website. It's sure to make you chuckle (I'm giving it the official "don't view while drinking a Coke" warning). All right, so I have to know. Who is going to be buying this DVD? Sadly, I must admit that I've never actually seen this film in its entirety.


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Power Glove, WOW!

Power Glove, WOW!

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All kidding aside, it

All kidding aside, it actually really is a lot of fun, particularly with the included "Super Glove Ball". I've never really enjoyed other games with it though. The issue is is that it's very fatiguing holding your arm out, since there are three sensors that wrap around the TV that need to "meet up" with the sensors on the glove. It's a great novelty though, right alongside R.O.B. and the U-Force...
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