Looking at the TRS-80 Model x Series - Part 2 (Present Location)

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(Part 1 here) Welcome to Part 2. In the interest of keeping these things short and manageable, I'll start with photos of the present location of my TRS-80 Model x series stuff before I move it into the office for easier access and further detail - which will be Part 3 - so I can start doing interesting things with it all (which will be future parts after 3). Let's begin...

[Note: This whole area is pretty much my Tandy/Radio Shack zone, covering a good portion of everything relevant the company ever produced in all form factors, save for the Model 2000, which is off to the side and the VIS, which is farther down the rack. Of course, as stated, I'll just be focusing on the Model x series at this point.]

Hiding down there on the bottom shelf is the monitor-less Model III. This is the infamous one where the seller had sent it to me in a tissue paper box with thin walls, so the monitor naturally imploded. I mostly scavenged this for parts for my Model IV.

In between the Sony PSP stuff and the Radio Shack Micro Color Computer (MC-10) on the top shelf is loose TRS-80 Model x software, consisting of cassettes and disks.

Next to the MC-10's and Tano Dragons is a spare TRS-80 Model 4P with I believe a bad disk drive or screen. I'll check again after it gets pulled down.

Below the "Tandy Colour Computer 3" is a TRS-80 Model I setup.

In that top box is various literature. To the upper right corner is another Model I setup. Behind it (and what you'll see part of in the next pictures) is the Model 4 and a working 4P (though the latter is pretty well hidden).

A wider angle shot showing the other Model I setup and some more literature and software, and the view from the other side.

The boxed software. (Note: To the far right in the first photo is some more non-game Model x software in those nice brown binders. I guess I forgot to photograph that shelf.)

This is actually the Commodore PET shelf, but the vast majority of it - if not all of it - is multiplatform stuff, including TRS-80 Model x.

I'll also be using one or more of these cassette drives and the SVD, which is a multiplatform interface to create a virtual disk drive off a modern PC.

I'll also try to get the Votrax speech synthesizer working with one of the TRS-80 systems.

See you at Part 3.

(Part 3 here)


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I see dragons! -- Stu --

I see dragons!

-- Stu --

Rowdy Rob
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Model 1
yakumo9275 wrote:

I see dragons!

I see.... everything! Man, that's a lot of vintage stuff! Too bad I didn't have the foresight to keep all my old videogame and computer stuff. What little I have is in poor shape.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Model 1 in action again.

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Kurt (not verified)
TRS-80 System Desk

Hey there! Do you have any of the TRS-80 system desks with the holes for the keyboard and monitor/EI? I'd love to buy one and would pay a hefty sum!

Thanks, take care!

Bill Loguidice
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Nothing big like that
Kurt wrote:

Hey there! Do you have any of the TRS-80 system desks with the holes for the keyboard and monitor/EI? I'd love to buy one and would pay a hefty sum!

Thanks, take care!

Sorry, no. Are you referring to the one for the TRS-80 Model II? In any case, I don't have anything like that and never will because of space restrictions. It's hard enough storing all the monitors and printers.


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