Commodore 64 Keyboard Stickers for Sale

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Bill Loguidice
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Interesting for turning a modern PC keyboard into a C-64 emulation keyboard or for worn out original C-64 keys:

I'm almost tempted to get a set "just because", but I'll pass until a specific need arises. Of course those Microsoft Office keyboard stickers are also quite tempting... :-(

Rowdy Rob
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Keyboard stickers

I had a Russian friend who purchased a high-end American PC, but was lamenting the fact that he had trouble figuring out which keys corresponded to the Russian alphabet. "Why don't you print out Russian stickers for the keyboard?" I suggested.

"Hey, that's a good idea!" he thought, and proceeded to create his own stickers for his keys via his printer and some "sticker" paper. He was very satisfied with the result (as was I).

I see nothing stopping anyone from doing something similar for the C-64 keyboard layout. It can't be much harder to do than the Russian alphabet. That having been said, $3.25 isn't much of an asking price, so it'd be worth it for a hardcore Commodore emulation junkie.

As far as I know, the "stickers" have held up well through the years, so Mark's "warming glue" theory hasn't been my friend's experience.

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Mark Vergeer
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Won't be using stickers. The glue will definitely be coming out from underneath the stickers as the keyboard is warmed up through use and typing. It'll just be messy after a while and ruin a perfectly good keyboard.
Perhaps it is doable on an old keyboard you would throw away anyway.... It could be that the stickers are using a special glue that will withstand some of the heat. I have not been lucky with putting any stickers on electronic equipment.

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