Archon to return (again) to modern consoles...

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Bill Loguidice
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From Chad Lee:

"Please read this press release and post on your news section (or blog). We are self funded, so any word of mouth would be appreciated. This is one of the best games ever created and we hope to do it justice on this Classic Version. Please join our forums to help us shape the game and make it the best we can be!


Chad Lee

I have actually been following this project since it was first announced and wish them the best of luck. Hopefully they can capture the magic of the original that has thus far eluded other attempts at remakes or games inspired by the original Archon. The original game is pretty much perfect as-is, it would only need to reskinned and given an audio overhaul. The addition of having a choice of (and more) playing pieces and additional spells would be cool as well, as well as keeping the whole thing in 2D, or at minimum the playing board.