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Matt Barton
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I know we're probably all too old and dispirited this year to get excited about getting or giving gifts, but what the heck--what do you want for Christmas in terms of games, movies, books, software, etc.?

I've already "bought myself" a few gifts I really wanted--I got that Rough Guide Gaming book (it's a real treat, by the way), Wrath of the Lich King, and that Judas Priest Nostradamus album. I also stocked up on some really nice microbrews and Belgian ales. Finally, we bought "us" a microwave oven. It's amazing how quickly you come to rely on one!

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The only gaming related

The only gaming related thing that I'm mostly likely getting is Fable 2 for the Xbox 360. Otherwise I can't really think of much I'm getting outside of money, which will be added to our new bedroom set fund (which will include another new TV).

My wife was throwing a cookie party yesterday, so I took the opportunity to finish the Hero Jr robot upgrades with my father. I now have a fully functioning robot, which is kind of a Christmas gift in and of itself. I'll have to do a full blog post about it at some point soon.

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