Bonus Images for Vintage Games Book: Chapter 04 – Diablo (1996)

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Vintage Games: An Insider Look at the History of Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario, and the Most Influential Games of All Time (2009), by Bill Loguidice and Matt Barton, through Focal Press. Vintage Games, available from retailers worldwide, is a full color, illustrated book, that explores the most influential videogames of all time, including Super Mario Bros., Grand Theft Auto III, Doom, The Sims, and many more.

Bonus images not found in Vintage Games for Chapter 04 – Diablo (1996): The Rogue Goes to Hell:

Diablo relies heavily on cinematic cutscenes to establish the dark context of the game.

Games like Eye of the Beholder, box back for the modified Nintendo GameBoy Advance version shown, are played in real-time, but offer less immediate action and typically unfold from a first person perspective.

The Baldur’s Gate CRPGs do a good job of blending real-time and turn-based gameplay. However, the depth and complexity of the titles tend to limit the games’ broader appeal in comparison to the Diablo series. Baldur’s Gate II: The Collection box back shown.

Diablo III features new classes, random scripted events, upgrades and of course the requisite audio-visual improvements expected of a good sequel.


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