Armchair Arcade Issue #1 - January 2004

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Welcome to the first issue of Archair Arcade!

The editorial staff of Armchair Arcade: Bill Loguidice, Matt Barton, and Buck Feris.

January CoverWelcome to the long-awaited first issue of Armchair Arcade, originally scheduled to come out in early November 2003. Obviously, there have been many unforeseen delays between that time and now, and there has been much hype and speculation about Armchair Arcade. With this first month’s articles, we think you’ll get a better idea of what we’re actually trying to accomplish.

The basic premise when starting Armchair Arcade was that certain obscure topics would benefit from deeper editorial treatments than have generally been provided by other types of publications, be they online or print.

Armchair Arcade was originally inspired by some popular classic gaming forums. Often, fascinating topics were discussed, but as is typical of online forums, these topics would get pushed lower and lower in the queue as new postings were made. While the older topics were still there, for all intents and purposes they were forgotten unless a random user’s search turned one up. Another frequent problem is that a great topic will spring up, and several people will offer opinions and discussions, but no one is willing or able to perform the necessary research necessary for further development.

The purpose of Armchair Arcade is to capture the best of free-form topics like those found in forums and generate meaningful, detailed articles. This first issue is a great example of the kinds of topics we’re most interested in, covering themes ranging from game packaging to using Aristotle to understand the appeal of videogames. Of course Armchair Arcade has so much more potential than even this first issue demonstrates. This is where you, the reader comes in. Armchair Arcade is an open publication, which means that any article or art submission from anyone will potentially be considered for future publication. We encourage it, we need it, and that’s what will make Armchair Arcade really great. Armchair Arcade is not just about the small group of people that started it and crafted the first issue; it’s what you, the reader, will bring to it.