What are your thoughts on in-game advertising?

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I don't have a clue

I really don't know to tell you the truth.

One side of my body saids "This idea sucks!," but my other side of my body saids "In a business standpoint, this is brillant!"

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I would rather it didn't

I would rather it didn't happen but as long as its done in a non-invasive way (i.e. no unskippable screens or popups) I have no problem with it. Indeed it may add to the atmosphere of some games....or even provide income for smaller development shops.

It is assumed that such software would not crash when being played at some future date when the server supporting such a feature is not around any more.

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Ads in Games

As long as its not done in excess, I have no problem with ads in games. Look at Need for Speed 2, Underground. There's ads everywhere you turn, but its a billboard here, a street sign there, no problem as it's pretty much like real life. Hey, if it helps keep the cost down for the development of, and the individual game itself, I'm all for it. Now, where's my Miller Genuine Draft!!!

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I am torn on the issue

I am torn on the issue currently, but I ended up voting for the 'sickens me' choice. This may change in the future, but a recent experience pushed me into my current opinion. I hate to say it, but I only feel in-game ads are only going to make the gaming experience into something I will ulimately not be able to enjoy like I have in the past. I fear the ads will get to the point where the game will require you to be online in order to play the game. I don't think any game requires this at the moment, but this could all change. Something similar to the way some of the electronic magazine subscriptions require you to be online to read a magazine you have paid for. I recently wanted to read a mag via the Zinio Reader app. My broadband connection was not working at the time and I quickly found out there was no way I could read any of my magazines. The app refused to open any of the files until it could verify the DRM online. This was even for the couple of 'free' subscriptions I have via Zinio. I really like the ability to have softcopy of some of my magazines, but I will be changing back to hardcopy for thoese that will allow it.

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"And now we interrupt Morrowind to bring you these messages..."

What I keep expecting is for the game to simply "take commercial breaks." So, perhaps every seven minutes the Elder Scrolls game would lock you out and force you to watch 30 seconds of standard television commercials. I could even see this being presented as a "healthy" measure to ensure gamers take breaks from their carpal-tunnel inducing gameplay.

I bet it'll probably start subtly--tiny breaks, not too inconvenient. I doubt these games would be any cheaper, though it's a possibility. Gradually, though, they'll extend the commercials to the point where it feels like you're watching more commercials than actually playing the game. This could be especially effective on a console, where it'd be harder to patch or "crack" the game to avoid the commercials.

Heck, even if you could skip the commercials by pressing a button on the controller, it'd still be annoying.

Bill Loguidice
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This was quite the argument

This was quite the argument on several forums when I mentioned how amazing EA's Fight Night Round 3 was for the Xbox 360 and how it was next generation in every way - graphics, control and being desirable to play for sports game fans and non-fans alike. What kept on coming up were the in-game "ads", from companies like Dodge and Burger King. My side was was that this was a simulation of the real world of boxing, so the product placements and endorsements actually added to the game experience and authenticity. Yeah, it might be better without the ads, but I felt in no way it detracted from one of the best game experiences I had in a long time.

Now if there were ads in my "Elder Scrolls: Morrowind" game, then I would have a serious issue since it would no way fit. That one is a no-brainer. Again, in something like my car racing game - I didn't have an issue back in the days of "Pole Position" and I wouldn't have one now.

Bottom line, there's a time and place for anything. If you're going to give me ads that are out-of-place, you better be subsidizing the hell out of - or providing for free - your game to me, then we can talk.


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