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I agree, Mark. I've always

I agree, Mark. I've always believed that "defective" individuals (to use a loose term for a moment) will naturally latch on to ANYTHING to cause them to go over the deep end. If it's not a song, movie, book, friend, whatever, it might be that Tuesday was cold instead of warm. I really don't think it matters. The best chance is for someone to recognize a potential problem early on and get that person some type of help. Otherwise, it's just like a ticking time bomb.

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O gosh those arguments again...

The human species exists of a whole myriad of personalities, some introvert and others very extrovert. Some are thrillseeking and others like to be safe at all cost. Just take a look at traffic in general, there are tons of safe and responsible drivers and there are the ones who seem to be very accident prone or keep tailgating other cars constantly.
These types of behaviors and personalities are actually quite healty for a population of people or animals for that matter to exist, as the thrillseeking variant is known to expand the horizon of the species/group and the more conservative individuals keep the population at a stable level. The thrillseeking is necessary for a species to evolve and be flexible, but it usually comes at a cost - often it is a mortal cost too.
When you look at humans it applies to us too. Some kids need more guidance and structure than others. Good role-models are essential for a safe environment and a healthy upbringing. Teaching them what is right and what is wrong. What is safe and how to expand your own boundaries in a exiting but safe way. If one of these healthy upbringing-factors is missing then things can go very wrong. It is not a matter of 'blame the parents' but it is also not a matter of blaming 'the videogames' or blaming 'the rock music' either.
Kids being kids, a small percentage of them are bound to do stupid stuff that can actually cause them to be injured or dead. Like the two who thought it was wise to try to off themselves because Judas Priest supposedly told them so.
Then there's the situation of weapons & kids. Won't go into that subject as it is bound to ignite a whole 'right to bare arms' discussion.

In short there is no black and white easy 'just gotta find a scapegoat'-solution to the problem. It is a complex situation with all sorts of unknown factors and one cannot blame just one of those factors - there are too many confounders to just go ahead and blame a single influence. It is rather shortsighted in my opinion and unscientific at the least. It probably makes your martial arts instructor feel better to have some sort of easy solution to the unsettling fact that children and youths seem to be going on killing sprees.

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