My video of the Intellivoice module and Games Prt. 1

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MaximumRd look at Intellivoice and Games Prt. 1

Just uploaded! As always please look and comment and rating greatly appreciated!

MaximumRd looks at Intellivoice and Games Prt. 1


Bill Loguidice
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I have a few ECS add-ons and

I have a few ECS add-ons and a complete software collection for it. It didn't have better graphics, but it does offer three more channels of sound and additional memory, which allows for more complex games, like the aforementioned World Series Major League Baseball, which also allowed game saves to cassette! Some modern homebrew cartridges, like Space Patrol, take advantage of the three extra sound channels if you have an ECS plugged in, but otherwise works the same on a stock Intellivision. No released games ever took advantage of the two additional controller ports on the ECS.

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Mark Vergeer
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You sure know your cliffhangers! ;-)

Nice video review! Excellent cliffhanger timing. Am in dire need of the 2nd part I tell you!

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Rob Daviau
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LOL! Thanks guys, and thanks

LOL! Thanks guys, and thanks for the added insight Bill!
FYI - Just a heads up, be patient as I will inform you now the 2nd part is AT LEAST a week away,
not intentional but work related, I simply don't have the time or access to my setup before that, believe me I wish I did, I would rather being doing this everyday lol!


Oldschool games, some people just don't "get it"...

Rowdy Rob
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OldschoolGamer, that "cliffhanger" isn't funny, man!!! I don't know whether to thank you or strangle you! Quit your job or do whatever you have to do, but post the second part pronto! :-)

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Matt Barton
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Hahaha, nice.

Hahaha, nice.


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