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I've been playing World of Warcraft these days. I like the game a lot, but my main reason for playing it is for the moment, my two favorite players (brother and sister-in-law) are into it too. Since my brother's game attention span is rather short at times, I'm enjoying it while I can... we lucked out that we finally found a team build that everyone's happy with so we're as a team of three nearly unbeatable... the only complaint really is that WoW doesn't support 3-man instance runs, and probably won't ever do so since they have no inclination to offer incentives to keep players in the game. Blizzard would argue that there's plenty of other players to join up with, despite the fact we really have no interest in gaming with strangers.

I've also been playing Dead Space and Mass Effect. They're good games, especially the latter, but I have a friend badgering me to play them all the time, which irks me so much that it makes playing them a chore.

Dead Space is DEFINITELY a horror game, and while it does a lot of things better than Doom 3 did, it's still over-reliant on cliche horror gimmicks and expectations. "Oh wow, a cool item right in the middle of the floor. I bet if I pick that up I'll get attacked... yep." If I had been the designer I'd have had plenty of attacks when you had no reason to expect them at all, and would let you pick up some of the goodies without anything happening... except an ominous creak from above or below.

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Wow, that Natuk game does

Wow, that Natuk game does look interesting. Thanks for posting about that one. Man is that ever the ideal game for a good slog--and for a good cause, since these guys are still around and could benefit from that extensive review.

Btw, is the Ian Bell in the credits THE Ian Bell?

When I played F3, I went into with as much of a "blank slate" and "open mind" as I could muster. I tried hard to give the game a fair shake without being too prejudiced against it (which I was strongly initially). I knew it wouldn't be too much like the older games, which I loved, but that's no reason not to like something that is different.

I agree, though, I'd have been just as happy with a more straightforward sequel. I wonder if the next step will be an MMORPG? I can't think of any post-apocalyptic settings out there now, though it's hard to say how long people would find that appealing. The key is to make some really, really, interesting places to visit and see --World of Warcraft has tons of them, like Ironforge (Dwarven city) and Booty Bay (pirate-themed goblin town). These places make you feel like you're in a top-rate amusement park. Tabula Rasa, as I said, made you feel like you were stuck at an army camp. Appropriate, perhaps, but the fun wore off. You have to balance the "safe zones" with the "war zones" and make sure both are appealing in their own way. As far as I'm concerned, there ought to be just as much "safe" things to do as "dangerous" stuff, and hopefully these will be fun to do as well.

I think a Fallout world could be fun. You could play as either a mutant, human, enclave, brotherhood of steel, raider, etc. Each could have their own home base/s and agendas and missions. I always thought it'd be fun to even let you play a mad dog or what-not if you wanted. Why not? Would be fun to play as a mutant wolf.

I remember a little-known game for the Amiga called ECO that even let you play as a tree or bush if you wanted. I got mad at first because you couldn't do anything when you chose a plant; you just had to watch yourself grow and eventually die. Then I "got it." These things are passive in the ecological system; it's not like an insect that can fly around and such.

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A laptop (Acer TravelMate 290 9700 Radeon Mobility 64Mb, PentiumM 1.5Ghz, 2Gb Ram, 120Gb HD, vice, ePSXe and a couple of self made PSX one rips, steam is working but I simply don't have the time nor the inclination to play anything just right now - busy remodeling the house.

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It's been a day on the Xbox

It's been a day on the Xbox 360 so far...

I was able to give Portal from The Orange Box another go. I understand what I have to do, but wrapping my head around the idea of the portals is still kind of tough (as I suppose is intended). I've made it about half way through the first level. The computer "narrator" adds quite a bit of personality and humor. At least I understand that great song better now...

I also played Jetpac Refuelled and had a great deal of fun in the updated mode versus the classic Spectrum ZX mode. No achievements though.

I played some Galaga. I got close to my previous high score, but not close enough.

Finally, I played New Rally-X, which is purely the arcade game. I love the game, though it does get way too difficult the further you progress. On the plus side, I got some more achievements to boost my lowly gamer score, which is always nice.

Of course earlier I did start the book tutorial for Game Maker 7 Pro on the PC. I essentially placed some sprites and gave them properties. This is going to be more tedious and take longer than I anticipated, but it's something I really want to learn as I want to experiment with several game ideas I've had.

Not sure if I'll be doing anything else today, but I hope so...

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GeneralDebacle (not verified)
I haven't played anything

I haven't played anything yet today, however I will probably play either Fallout 3 or Natuk.

Fallout 3 needs no introduction. Everyone here knows what it is...I think! Anyway, I must confess that I am having a crisis with getting motivated to play it. With other RPG's, even twitch games like F3, I can play for hours on end until the finish. With F3 I am finding it a little dull or something, it is hard to explain. It certainly doesn't grip me like the originals did.

Natuk is a small independant game that is modeled off various old school games, say Ultima5, the Goldboxies and especially in combat, Wizards Crown.

I am really into this, and it has been eclipsing F3 by bits and pieces since I started playing. I will be playing F3, running through the wastes, looking for quests etc, when suddenly I will find myself thinking of some of the battles in Natuk. Close game down, load up Natuk...;) I would say anyone who loves the old tactical turn based RPG's will love this one.

Anyway, that is what I am currently playing.

Matt Barton
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I just played a free art

I just played a free art game called Gravitation that was very interesting. I'd check it out if you get a chance; it only takes 8 mins or so to play and see what it's about.

Otherwise, been playing Age of Empires III: The War Chiefs expansion a bit. Been kinda bummed about TR and haven't played it. Also playing CSI: Dark Motives with the wife and a little bit of Luckless John when the mood strikes.


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