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Hey everyone, if you haven't seen this show please check out my video at get some info on a great show produced and hosted by a great guy John Gibson AKA GRILLEDMONKEYFAT on many forums, I am sure once you check out his site and a few of his shows you will look forward to seeing more! As always you comments, feedback etc is much appreciated!


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Just got the YouTube subscription e-mail too

Nice job. I haven't seen this in a while - I especially liked the ending. ;-) Do you have your camera on an arm? You were doing that pivot thing that I've seen on shows like Survivorman where the host moves but the camera stays on a fixed plane (in Survivorman's case, he's essentially holding the tripod attached the camera).

I was thinking of experimenting with a two camera system as a gimmick and to provide different angles. The big catch with that though of course is keeping the two devices in sync, especially if one or both devices don't have real time codes.

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Good job! I think actually

Good job! I think actually looking at the camera during the first bit was a good idea. I have to run now but will try to get back to this later today.

Rob Daviau
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Thanks for the comments

Thanks for the comments guys!
Yes as a matter of fact bill the camera is literally in my hand which I am getting better at keeping still but I was purposely pivoting my chair around lol! It's a Samsung i5 Digital camera that could probably fit in a case for a deck of cards and STILL have room for 10 cards!
I think I am getting better though at keeping steady and shooting over all. Been a while since I posted a video but I been promising John from Video Masters TV that one for a while........................


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