Obama Wins!

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Matt Barton
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Well, I had my hopes, but I was seriously uncertain if Obama would really win this election or not. While I liked much of what McCain had to say (particularly concerning nuclear energy), I will admit that I was partial to Obama despite his negative comments about videogames (after all, it's not like I could ever see Palin or McCain endorsing them either).

If I were a politician, I'd advocate games along the lines of they interest kids in technology, which leads to interest (if packaged correctly) in science and math. Furthermore, we're seeing more story-based games that concern ethics and even literature. Thus, games can be indirectly educational. I also agree with James Paul Gee that schools should learn from games and try to make school more fun for kids (without sacrificing skills, of course).

At any rate, it'll be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming months and early period of Obama's presidency. Will he get us out of Iraq, restore the economy, improve schools, and get us back to space (thinking here of JFK?) Or will he end up floundering and doing something like invading Pakistan?