Using sex to sell video games

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Well I've just seen one of the most effective sales pitches for guitar hero ever... and I want it.

I dont even own a PS3 or 360.. or a modern tv!

Heidi Klum doing the famous risky business scene in her underwear with guitar...

If ever one could say "sex sells" hmm

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Rowdy Rob
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Heidi Klum

They showed a different Heidi Klum/Guitar Hero commercial during the Steelers-Redskins football game... twice. In the "football" version, she kept her shirt on the whole time.

While we were watching, I said "hey, I think that's Heidi Klum!" However, so much hair is flying around, we really weren't sure. The second viewing, we still weren't sure.

Heidi Klum is a fave of mine. As I like to say, "almost as good as the girls I go with!" (That usually get's a laugh, which I retort "It wasn't THAT doggone funny!!!!") :-)

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