Everything we know about Star Wars: The Old Republic (so far) (MMORPG!)

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Yes, there's going to be a MMORPG based on Star Wars, this one set in the "Knights of the Old Republic" era (i.e. 3600 years before the "Star Wars" movies). It's being developed by Bioware, creator of such noted games as "Baldur's Gate" (which I recently ordered!), "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic," and "Mass Effect."

"SW: The Old Republic" sounds really cool, to be honest; it might be the first MMORPG I actually get involved in! I've always preferred the Star Wars fantasy universe to the Tolkien/D&D fantasy universes, but that's just personal preference. In my opinion, pretty much anything in the "fantasy" genre could fit in the SW universes with some tweaks (wizards=jedis/siths, dragons = alien monsters, sword-fighting=light saber battles, etc.), but the "Star Wars" universe offers the forward-thinking ideas of technology, interstellar travel and space battles while still retaining the "good vs. evil" qualities of the "fantasy" genre.

I believe that the "Star Wars" universe is the ultimate "fantasy" setting, despite the debatable qualities of the movies.

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Personally, from all the good things I'm hearing about Fallout and Fable 2, I couldn't possibly imagine getting into an MMORPG at this point, even if were a practical option for me. This is a good time to be into such games. Myself, if I were forced to pick one, I'd probably pick that upcoming Star Trek one, because I've always liked that universe better overall than Star Wars, though I'm still a big fan of the latter...

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My time is too scarce -

My time is too scarce - although the coming two months are actually blissful freedom (the one time that I planned to live off of my savings for two months to get some well deserved rest before starting a new job and the world is in a big financial crisis - ah well) - to get involved into a MMORPG. Fable 2 has gotten me excited though.
I must say I love the concept of the new Starwars game, the era it is set in etc. It could really add something to the Starwars universe. Rowdy, I excpect a full review and a playthrough ;-)

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I'm definitely going to be

I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on this one. BioWare has always impressed me with their RPGs, and if they're going into the MMO racket, they must surely have a great angle. Stories and characters are the big weaknesses in MMORPGs, so I'll be curious to see how they hope to deal with that.

I was talking with a friend recently about the problem with MMORPGs: they cater to "asshats," whose $15 per month is just as good as anyone else's. These people flourish in MMOs because no one can force them to go away. These are the people that have little to no real-life friends, spend all their time at home, and decide that being an asshat on an MMO is the only way to relieve the pressure. In other words, in any sort of real social setting, these asshats would be made to leave. But online, they endure. Unfortunately, even though their $15 is just as good as anyone else's, it makes people like me take away my $15. Surely I'm not alone.

I'm also curious about Fable 2. I just bought Assassin's Creed last night after finishing BioShock, so I will be playing that for awhile. I've been researching Far Cry 2 but so far haven't seen anything that screams "BUY ME" about it. Apparently, Crysis Warhead is even better than the Crysis, so you might want to get that guys if you're curious about the engine (it's cheaper and better, apparently!)

The only real must-haves on my list right now are Fallout 3, Starcraft 2, and the new Red Alert. I'm definitely going to be playing these. I might also get Diablo 3 when it comes uot.


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