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Several people are asking about the blogging features here at Armchair Arcade. Basically, the way we've been talking about this site is that most of the interaction will consist of comments on blogs and articles (once we get the issues up). Things are running a bit slowly during this beta phase, but we plan to have at least one new blog post up per day (probably two or three once things get rolling). Since we knew there would be lots of demand for a general chit-chat area, we decided to include forums on the new site. If you just want to talk informally about something unrelated to a blog post, the forums are ideal.

Most of the blogs will likely be posted by the staff. However, we do plan to publish the occasional blog by our members. If you'd like to do that, bear in mind that we plan to be very selective about what ends up on the frontpage. We want to maintain a professional image. Only well-written and relevant blog posts will be published there. I suggest you look at some of the existing blogs to get a feel for the style and content. I'll just write out my ideas and maybe Bill can chime in later and refine them.

If you want to be a blogger for AA, you should look for news related to one of our subject areas. We've been primarily focused on retrogaming, but we're also interested in classic computing. We're also open to interesting news about modern systems. If you find an interesting news item on the net, you can submit a blog about it. You will need to include a link to the item in question (standard html codes work for the most part) and some good commentary (i.e., tell us why it's relevant and worth checking out).

We're also interested in posting reviews of classic and modern games. However, again I strongly recommend that you look at the existing reviews on the site and try to get a feel for the depth and quality we expect before submitting one.

In short, rather than post a big list of rules or such for posting blogs, I would simply suggest that you stick around for awhile and try to get a good feel for the type of stuff we're looking for. If you know of something neat but don't want to blog about it, try posting it in the forums or sending us an email.

If you have any questions, please post them below!


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New Blogging Features

I've made some changes to the blogging system that should make it easier for everyone to start posting blogs. Here's the basic idea: Everyone gets his or her (I wish) own blog. These blogs will be accessible via the "See All Blogs" button on the main menu. You can also view your own blogs by clicking on "My Account" or by clicking the "My Blog" button that shows up when you hit "See All Blogs."

From time to time, and completely at our discretion, we may decide to promote certain blogs to the frontpage. My guess is that anyone who consistently gets his/her posts promoted will eventually become an official blogger and get automatic approval to the frontpage.

A few things to remember:

1. Please use this feature responsibly. We'll have to implement more security and moderation if people start abusing the system. Everyone I know here is intelligent enough to know what does and doesn't belong here. If you don't, then please don't post. Take some pride in this site and remember that everything you post here represents not only yourself, but also our community.

2. We make absolutely no guarantee that anything you post, no matter how good, will be promoted to the frontpage. Getting on the frontpage is a privilege, not a right! Also, we reserve the right to delete a post or an entire blog at any time.

3. We don't have image features available yet for members. Space and such are limited, so we may ask that you host your images off-site for the time being. If you have a particularly good case for our hosting your images, let us know. However, may I suggest that you use Flickr. It's a great service that's free for you and us.

Thanks, and I hope to see some good blogs soon!


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