What I'm doing games-wise

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Playing : have got back into Mario Kart 64 - never did win all the cups - well, during the week I finally won gold in all cups at 150cc and just won gold today in Mushroom Cup Mirror/Extra mode. Holy God though : Toad's Turnpike (Flower Cup) is a nightmare in mirror mode - racing against the flow of traffic!

Developing : trying to get myself to move on my Super Robot sequel (107 downloads from www.codersworkship.com !!!) in Blitz Basic, and a new super improved version of Video Poker in Visual Basic 6) I'm coding too much in work at the moment , so I can't face it when I get home.

Writing : STILL haven't finished my effort on puzzle game genres - writing manuals in work (to document all that code I'm writing!) so , again, can't face it when I get home.

Lame excuses or what?


Bill Loguidice
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I have the game now too and

I have the game now too and have for some time, but I haven't had a chance to try it online. I'd certainly be willing to give it a go though.

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Mario Kart DS

I'd go for that...I'll pull my DS name and post it here...I can never remember what it is.

I suck online and have only won 1 out of 6. Been all kinds of busy playing the single player game and now that I've beat it, just trying to improve on the timed runs using my favorite, R.O.B

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Trials Times to Beat

Found this regarding Staff Ghosts that appear once you come within 5-10 seconds of the following:

Airship Fortress - 2:07:748
Baby Park - 0:50:920
Banshee Boardwalk - 2:14:403
Bowser Castle 2 - 1:52:258
Bowser Castle - 2:19:661
Cheep Cheep Beach - 1:43:654
Choco Island 2 - 1:01:620
Choco Mountain - 2:15:571
Delfino Plaza - 1:54:601
Desert Hills - 1:31:262
DK Pass - 2:14:607
Donut Plains 1 - 1:08:027
Figure-8 Circuit - 1:36:481
Frappe Snowland - 2:08:781
Koopa Beach 2 - 0:54:847
Luigi Circuit - 1:29:759
Luigi Circuit (GBA) - 1:46:581
Luigi's Mansion - 1:59:357
Mario Circuit 1 - 0:50:688
Mario Circuit - 1:56:533
Moo Moo Farm - 1:17:751
Mushroom Bridge - 1:30:600
Peach Circuit - 1:12:011
Peach Gardens - 1:52:989
Rainbow Road - 2:16:246
Shroom Ridge - 2:05:123
Sky Garden - 1:44:400
Tick-Tock Clock - 1:54:903
Waluigi Pinball - 2:23:288
Wario Stadium - 2:14:868
Yoshi Circuit - 1:48:793
Yoshi Falls - 0:57:677

Mark Vergeer
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Mario Kart DS friend code

Friend code: 128914 245442
Nick: Mark 1970

Being in different time zones may make hooking up for friendly battle difficult, my timezone is GMT+1

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