Experiences with Mame on portable devices?

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Mark Vergeer
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What are your experiences with running Mame or other Arcade emulators on portable devices?
I have been experimenting with Mame4All on the gp2x and the gp32, and MarcaDS on the nintendo DS

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Mame on gp2x is good, shame

Mame on gp2x is good, shame its a subset of the real thing.
Not tried it on my PSP tho.

-- Stu --

Bill Loguidice
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I use MAME4ALL on the GP2X F200 and have had good experiences running two of my favorite games, Pooyan and Satan's Hollow. I haven't really tried to push it though on the device. I also have yet to try anything on the DS, though I do have the stuff necessary to make it possible.

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