C64 Demo scene

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Mark Vergeer
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A nice collections of c64 demos captured to Youtube movies using a variety of techniques to really push the 1Mhz machine (PAL slightly slower even) to its limits. With clever ASM maths and sometimes precalculated tables the do things like plasma, bitmap transform, 3D wireframe/vector graphics, > 16 colours on screen on a 16 colour machine, bump mapping all those extra graphics modes we talked about in the other thread.

Terminus on c64
A nice animation sequence on the old 8-bitter. Everybody can see they ripped the Paradroid characterset!

Bytereapers Unsound minds on c64, of course as a shrink I just love the title. Love the maths behind the effects. It's more fun to attempt this stuff on a limited old 8bit machine than it is to try to do this on an OpenGL API or SDL API on a PC.

Mathematica by Reflex on c64
Excellent maths in ASM going on here. Tricky scaling effects etc.

Error 23 on c64

Part 1 of Deux-ex demo on c64

Part 2 of Deux-ex demo on c64

Deus-ex demo on Amiga

Second Reality on c64

Soiled Legacy on c64

Insomnia part 1 on c64

Insomnia part 2 on c64

C64 Sensation