Ultima Online : Lord British Visit

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Here's a log transcript of the fateful visit to the Great Horns Tavern of Magincia of the Pacific shard (server), documented and screenshoted by yours truly. Oh, and Matt, full permission extended to use what you want in your writings.

Please note there's a lot of noise because of the various players chatting in the background.

Ben Kahns: *rolls eyes*
Pyrowolf: AH
Ben Kahns: Oh really Phoenix...
Elizabeth: *gasps*
Lord British: Greetings
Ben Kahns: First you come in dressed up like me...
Deicide: :)
Ben Kahns: And NOW Lord British...
Lissa: Greetings, mi'lord!
Viconia: *hic*
Deicide: you are a sweet man
Pyrowolf: Uh,uh,uh
Ben Kahns: And I...
Ben Kahns: I...
Ben Kahns: *looks closer*
Ben Kahns: Eeep.
Lord British: I know not anyone named Phoenix
Sean: and you are sweet lady
Viconia: *hic*
Ben Kahns: *state of shock*
Pyrowolf: Oh...my gods...
Sage Xavia: *grins*
Fire knight: *smiles*

Ben Kahns: Ya... yb... byb..... b....
Dameon: Allright.....too much.......ale..
Deicide: if you are heading that way we could go..i need to log off real soon
Lord British: Art thou the owner of this establishment?
Dameon: Gotta...cut..back..seriously..
Fire knight: My Ben, you are quite popular.
Deicide: :(
Ben Kahns: Ye..wer.... ba... gr.....
Lissa: *smiles*
Sean: OMG!
Ben Kahns: *still in a state of shock*
Deicide: ?
Lissa: Ben..
Fade: take this
Lord British: Seems a nice place
Fade: hurry
Grassy Gnoll: Well now, there's somethin ' ye don't see e'ery day
Deicide: ?
Viconia: ok
Fade: i must take a shot
Lissa: *shakes Ben gently*
Viconia: ok
Grassy Gnoll: Ben at a loss fer words
Lissa: Come on, dear.
Lord British: I overheard a chamberboy mention it
Lissa: Snap out of it..
Pyrowolf: *o man I hope the guys like this snapshot*
Lord British: and a few guards as well
Dameon: I've waited so damn long..
Fire knight: *nudges Ben*
Dameon: *laughs*
Sean: OMG!
Sean: OMG!
Sean: OMG!
Sean: OMG!
Ben Kahns: ...... I'm... bartender... sir... LORD... Lord, I mean.
Dameon: And now I can't think of anything to say..
DaeKon : ohhhhh
Viconia: give
Sage Xavia: *smiles*
Deicide: cool
DaeKon : night mare
Lord British: *chuckles*
Ben Kahns: Right!
Ben Kahns: Uhm...
Ben Kahns: I'm... I'm...
DaeKon : *hic*
Lissa: *nudge*
Lord British: Don't leave the island much, do ye?
Ben Kahns: *looks panicked*
Ben Kahns: *whispers*
Fire knight: *whispers*
Deicide: hehe
Fire knight: Set him a table...
Beron: Lord British
Lissa: Ben Kahns!
Sean: I cant belive my eyes
Ben Kahns: Right!
Ben Kahns: I'm Ben!
Ben Kahns: Yes.
Lissa: Come to your senses!
DaeKon : ohh
Ben Kahns: Yes, that's me.
Ben Kahns: Yes.
DaeKon : more beer!
Lord British: Ben.. yes
Lord British: and you tend the bar here?
DaeKon : hail lord british
Beron: *looking shocked*
Ben Kahns: Aye, yes!
Ben Kahns: Yes, that I do.
Dameon: *pulls out old scroll and begins to systematically look it over*
Lord British: *nods*
DaeKon : hail lord british
Ben Kahns: Pardon a moment...
DaeKon : wheres all the food
Viconia: u givein me somting
Lord British: Greetings M'Lady
Lissa: Forgive him, sir..
Ben Kahns: *pours a stiff drink*
Lissa: *smiles*
Fade: sorry, was making shot
Fire knight: *whisper to Lissa8
Lissa: He flusters easily.
Ben Kahns: *swallows it down*
Fire knight: My god.....
Lord British: Hello all
Viconia: o
Ben Kahns: Hey!
Fade: =)
Sean: HI!
Fire knight: Hail m'lord.
Deicide: hello
Lord British: This to my right is Sage Xavia
Pyrowolf: hail
Beron: I am Beron a bounty hunter in you land
Sage Xavia: Good evening.
Lissa: Greetings, Sage!
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Fire knight: Greetins sage.
Sage Xavia: *grins*
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Elizabeth: Ben, be easy on the bottle.
Dameon: And to your left...an unworthy bard..
Ben Kahns: Right...
Ben Kahns: Better...
Sage Xavia: Hail Fire Knight.
Lord British: unworthy?
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Lord British: of what exactly?
Galahad: Sean
DaeKon : damn
Sean: ?
Galahad: Ben
Grassy Gnoll: Gonna face the King drunk eh?
Fire knight: How do you do?
Dameon: Of meeting my Lordship!
Ben Kahns: Whew...
Galahad: Ben
Ben Kahns: I'm better now...
Lissa: Sweetheart..
Grassy Gnoll: Good plan
Sage Xavia: Rather well.
DaeKon : cant get in his bag
Lord British: *smiles*
Ben Kahns: I'm fine!
Sage Xavia: Yourself?
Dameon: I've read so much about you.
Lissa: Calm down.
Lord British: Nay
Ben Kahns: Just fine, yes.
Pyrowolf: I agree with him
Dameon: Everything, really..
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Galahad: Ben
Sage Xavia: Do you frequent here often?
Ben Kahns: *smiles with some effort*
Lissa: Ye sure?
Fire knight: Fine fine, goo good.
Ben Kahns: Oh yes, quite.
DaeKon : leme get a picture
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Fire knight: As much as possible.
Galahad: Hail Ben
Lord British: 'Tis a nice lively place
Sean: hehe need that gate?
Lissa: *frowns*
DaeKon : okay
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Lord British: this tavern
DaeKon : hold still
Ben Kahns: Hail, Galahad.
Lissa: Ye been drinking!
Deicide: when your ready
Lissa: Gads!
Ben Kahns: Just one...
Elizabeth: Tis a pleasure to meet you M'lord!
Sean: Vas Rel Por
Lissa: On duty!
Lord British: Well met, M'Lady
Pyrowolf: *holds headband in both hands*
Deicide: Good Day Lord
Galahad: Um why is Lord British in here?
Dameon: Y,yes..
Dameon: Cantabrigian..British..
Ben Kahns: *shocked look*
DaeKon : i needd to get a picture with the king here
Fire knight: Excuse me for a moment.
Lissa: *shakes head*
Lord British: What is the mess outside?
Dameon: Is his real name..
Ben Kahns: Thanks, but not right now.
Lord British: Surely, the place is not being torn down?
Galahad: ok
Fire knight: Nay!
Fire knight: It is being remodled.
Lord British: Ah, I see
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Lord British: What is being done?
Fire knight: *gulp*
Pyrowolf: er..
Dexter: Spare some gold friend?
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Fire knight: It is uhhh....
Pyrowolf: now is not the time to be drunk
Lord British: Shall it be larger?
Fire knight: Getting a second story.
Ben Kahns: Sorry, had to down one right quick.
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Lissa: A theatre is being constructed
DaeKon : soo drunk i cant move
Elizabeth: It's Ben's Theatre, M'lord
Lissa: *smiles*
Lord British: *nods*
Fire knight: And extended size.
Pyrowolf: *gulp*
Lord British: A good idea
Fire knight: *gulp*
DaeKon : *wiggles in drunkinness*
Lord British: Ben's Theatre?

Ben Kahns: *gives Phoenix a look*
Dameon: I can't...take it..
Phoenix: *waves*
Ben Kahns: You ARE Phoenix, right?
Ben Kahns: Good.
Lord British: A bartender has a theatre?
Phoenix: Who else would I be?
Viconia: cant get shot
Fade: Sage?
Lord British: And they say the land's in trouble
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Lord British: I think not!
Galahad: Bartender?
Elizabeth: Aye. He adding to the tavern. A service to the comunity
Lissa: *giggles*
Galahad: Bartender?
Sage Xavia: There you go sir.
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Fire knight: *smiles*
Fade: Sage
Sage Xavia: Yes?
Beron: aye
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Lissa: He is more than just the bartender, sire.
Dameon: Yes...
DaeKon : sorry aboutyour shoe sirt
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Fade: Just wisshing you sae travels
Galahad: Ben is much more then a Bartender.
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Dameon: He...braved the world between Aklabeth and Ambrosia..
Sage Xavia: *grins*
Fire knight: He a wonderful cook, as hell.
Fire knight: Well.
Sage Xavia: My thanks.
Dameon: Cantabrigian British..
Ben Kahns: *trying to sober up*
Lissa: Ben!
Fade: *smiles*
Beron: do not weary Ben
DaeKon : sorry about your shoe sir
Fade: My pleasure
Galahad: Ben is a great man
Dameon: Good friend to Shamino..
Lord British: I see
Lissa: Sheesh..
Ben Kahns: Water, my dear.
Lord British: and what of the rest of ye?
Sage Xavia: Might I ask what you do for a living?
Fire knight: I am just a knight....
DaeKon : *gags*
Dameon: Weary travellers here for a good drink!
DaeKon : ohh sorry sir
Fade: I am a lowley smith m'lady..
Lord British: "just" ?
Elizabeth: I'm but a scribe and tamer.
Beron: all here are great people
Fire knight: Frequent visitor of the tavern.
Galahad: I was once and Order Guard!
Lissa: I am a Healer, sir.
Lord British: being a knight is quite a bit, I
Lord British: think

Ben Kahns: *hic*
Sage Xavia: You are hard on yourself.
Galahad: Lored
Sage Xavia: *grins*
Galahad: Lord
Viconia: cant get shot
Fade: I will send one to you vic
Sage Xavia: Smthing is an honest profession.
Galahad: I was once and Order Guard
Lord British: Ah.. Phoenix
Fade: And a hard one...
Dameon: I can't..believe I'm meeting..Cantabrigian British..
Phoenix: Yes Sir?
Lord British: The person I was accused of being
Fade: i learn to slow *sighs*
Lord British: Well met*
Phoenix: Pardon?
Lissa: *giggles*
Lord British: Thou must be a trickster?
Fade: and the materials are only out of the guard's protection
Fade: Since that new discovery of the new ores
Lord British: Ben thought I was thee in disguise
Fire knight: 'Tis an honor to meet thee, my leige.
Galahad: Ben
Lissa: Phoenix the imperonator.
Lissa: *chuckles*
Sage Xavia: Oh?
Phoenix: *snickers*
Fade: i have been attacked three times in the last moneth
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Galahad: I'll be back
Phoenix: I don't show up on time..
Dameon: naxus..
Pyrowolf: grr....
Phoenix: and you all think im off doing something weird
Naxus: Hail Dameon.
Lord British: *smiles*
Phoenix: *shakes his head*
Pyrowolf: Naxus...
Karl: Good morrow! How might I help thee?
Fade: Aye, quite hard now of days..*sighs*
Sage Xavia: Hmm.
Grassy Gnoll: G'evein Ben
Ben Kahns: Aye!
Phoenix: It is good to meet thee, Sire.
Sage Xavia: I wish you luck.
Grassy Gnoll: Have fun entertainin Royalty
Ben Kahns: That it is...
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Lord British: And thee
Sage Xavia: *smiles*
Ben Kahns: Ugh...
Fade: Thank the virtures i larn a small skill of the arcanes
Ben Kahns: As soon as I can break this hangover...
Ben Kahns: One glass of Minocian liquor...
Fire knight: *rubs sweat off forehead*
Grassy Gnoll: I have a birthdya party to attend
Ben Kahns: *shakes head*
Beron: we should let the king move
Grassy Gnoll: Heh
Sage Xavia: Aye. Magic does have its uses.
Fade: Hmmm...
Fire knight: Aye...
Dameon: Yes..
Ben Kahns: Stuff should be banned...
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Beron: *smiles*
Lord British: Is the second story ready yet?
Dameon: Let's..now..box..him...in..
Fade: That staff is an interesting color..
Lissa: Nay...
Lord British: Enough to be seen?
Grassy Gnoll: Ye'd think a bartender would be a better drinker
Fire knight: Nay...
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Lord British: Ah.. too bad
Sage Xavia: *nods*
Lissa: It will be a few weeks.
Sage Xavia: It is the staff of my position.
Lord British: But no matter
Fade: Hmmm...the color of the sky...
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Grassy Gnoll: G'bye
Lissa: Ben keeps arguing with the architect.
Lissa: *smiles*
Karl: Well hello!
Fire knight: *smiles*
Lord British: Aye
Ben Kahns: Aye...
Ben Kahns: *hic*
Fade: Aye, the sages of the lands have the colors..
Fire knight: After we argued with her? Over the price!
Fire knight: BAH!
Fade: as humbolt has his green
Lord British: I had the same problem
Ben Kahns: My apologies, my lord, I'm not exactly in the best of ways at the moment..
Fade: i see that you have your blue..
Ben Kahns: Shock and all, and then I chose the wrong moment to have a shot of that
Sage Xavia: Humbolt was a fine man.
Lord British: I wanted a lower level
Sage Xavia: A shame he is gone now..
Ben Kahns: Minocian liquor... I'm surprised you've not banned the stuff...

Fade: Aye, My teacher met him once..
Lord British: but the architect said it wouldn't work
Dexter: I am available for hire for 10 gold coins a day. If thou dost give me gold, I will work for thee.
Dameon: Humbolt...
Lord British: something about water tables or some such
Dameon: Sadly..I could never meet the man.
Ben Kahns: Hm..
Lissa: *nods*
Sage Xavia: Quite a shame.
Dameon: Except in jail..
Ben Kahns: Mine talks about building on loam..
Dexter: I am very sorry, friend, but I don't understand thee.
Ben Kahns: *shrugs*
Fade: I visited his grave
Fade: such a shame tho
Ben Kahns: Says can't have too much weight on it, or it sinks.
Fade: the grave yard with his remains
Ben Kahns: Rather a nuisance.
Sage Xavia: He was one of the greatest men I have known.
Dameon: You're a sage...
Fade: has ecome a murder's den..
Dexter: Excuse me, but what art thou saying?
Dameon: A pleasure, Xavia..
Dexter: Excuse me, but what art thou saying?
Dameon: Me..and naxus here wish to be sages someday.
Sage Xavia: *nods*
Dexter: I am very sorry, friend, but I don't understand thee.
Ben Kahns: So... uhm...

Ben Kahns: Would you like a meal?
Fade: Serena
Ben Kahns: *smiles*
Lord British: Aye?
Lord British: Nay
Sage Xavia: It is a tough job.
Lord British: Thank thee
Pyrowolf: better make it free Ben
Sage Xavia: But can be quite fulfilling.
Fire knight: *elbows Ben*
Lord British: We just wished to visit
Dameon: It sounds like what we've been doing so far.
Ben Kahns: Oh...
Fire knight: You alright?
Lissa: At least give him a souvenir menu.
Lissa: *smiles*
Ben Kahns: *disappointed look*
Ben Kahns: Aye, that I shall do.
Viconia: hi don
Sage Xavia: *grins*
Dameon: Investigating every peice of knowledge out there..
Lord British: I do not get to Magincia as often as I might like
Ben Kahns: If you ever want to stop in.
Don: hi
Dameon: Looking through it, memorizing it..
Lord British: Thank thee
Fade: Oh, then i couldn't be a sage, i'm not the brightest of the lot..
Ben Kahns: I'll be happy to name what you order "The Lord British" special.
Ben Kahns: *smiles*
Lord British: Ah.. a menu
Lord British: *chuckles*
Elizabeth: Perhaps you'd like to see a play here some evening?
Elizabeth: Ben is quite the Hamlet.
Fade: Sure, i can lighft heavy things...but coming down to math..boy..thats tought
Dameon: Still..
Lissa: Or perform in one?
Elizabeth: *grin*
Dameon: Can't..focus..
Nadir Entreri: ugh
Fade: *smiles*
Ben Kahns: *blushes*
Fire knight: hehe
Lord British: Well, first I'd like to get the Royal Theatre going again
Sage Xavia: *grins*
Ben Kahns: Oh not really... I was rather poor at it compared to some...
Ben Kahns: Aye!
Fade: someone must have gotten my pieion
Serena: *Serena starts carving shafts.*
Ben Kahns: Britain is the capital of the arts.
Serena: *Serenacarves 70 shafts.*
Nadir Entreri: ugh
Elizabeth: *nod*
Lord British: Well, it should be
Viconia: i called you
Beron: I live
Sage Xavia: I wonder if I could persuade Ben to pour me a drink.
Nadir Entreri: ugh
Beron: there
Elizabeth: I see your pain.
Ben Kahns: *smiles*
Dameon: Well..
Elizabeth: *frowns*
Dameon: I will..
Viconia: *Smile*
Ben Kahns: Aye!
Ben Kahns: What would you like?
Nadir Entreri: i should be leaving
Elizabeth: *pats shoulder*
Sage Xavia: Might I bother you for a glass of water?
Beron: I am Beron
Fade: Glad i rang you?
Ben Kahns: Aye, certainly.
Serena: yup
Fire knight: I honor thee!
Naxus: Quite an event....
Sage Xavia: Ahh, good!
Ben Kahns: *extends hand*
Fade: now ya owe me hehe
Dameon: Quite.
Ben Kahns: Sit wherever you like!
Lissa: *grins*
Elizabeth: *laugh*
Jorah: Thanks.
Deacon Tristram: hail me lord
Pyrowolf: oumm..
Lord British: Pardon?
Sage Xavia: My thanks.
Serena: indeed =-)
Fire knight: I mean....
Naxus: Hmmm....
Lord British: Greetings
Sage Xavia: Quite a fine establishment you have.
Ben Kahns: *fills glass*
Ben Kahns: Here you are.
Elizabeth: Greeting Xavia
Ben Kahns: Thank you!
Deacon Tristram: i fight the vermen of this land
Ben Kahns: *smiles*
Lord British: 'Tis an interesting outfit ye wear

Sage Xavia: Ahh, thank you.
Deacon Tristram: what will you do to help me
Deacon Tristram: and my brothers?
Sage Xavia: Hail.
Deacon Tristram: in our fight?
Fire knight: That is a very beautiful out fit you wear.
Naxus: *Grin*
Lifter: I fight the do-gooders, what will you do for me?
Viconia: hi phonex
Fire knight: My leig.
Lord British: Against vermin?
Jorah: Thanks for the information Viconia.
Elizabeth: How often do your two travel?
Deacon Tristram: yes
Deacon Tristram: the murderers
Deacon Tristram: NC guild
Lord British: Art the rats so plentiful that one must pledge his life against them?
Sage Xavia: Oh, whenever we hear of a nice place.
Deacon Tristram: PoA guild
Deacon Tristram: all Evil guilds
Elizabeth: Ah...This is truly a worthy one to visit!
Deacon Tristram: yes they are
Ben Kahns: Well, I am so thrilled you stopped by!
Lissa: The KGB is a fine guild, indeed.
Lissa: *smiles*
Ben Kahns: *smiles*
Serena: hehe=)
Sage Xavia: I am glad I came.
Sage Xavia: *grins*
Deacon Tristram: i thank thee
Fade: =)
Lord British: Ah.. you mean vermin of a more insidious nature
Sage Xavia: I have heard many people speak of this fine tavern.
Deacon Tristram: yes i do
Dameon: C'mon British, sit down, have a drink!
Dameon: *grins*
Ben Kahns: Would you like a menu, noble sage?
Beron: I must say my Lord that this is the first time ever seeing thee.
Sage Xavia: It is good to finally see it firsthand.
Sage Xavia: Thank you, no.
Fade: that is suiting
Lord British: And mine to see thee
Serena: hehe
Ben Kahns: Just have one as a souvenier, then.
Serena: I ate it
Deacon Tristram: i speak of the evil murders that run free and unpunished in these lands
Serena: didnt read it
Sage Xavia: *grins*
Sage Xavia: I shall add it to my book collection.
Fire knight: 'Tis a pleasure to meet thee, m'lord.
Galahad: see
Lord British: And thee Fire Knight
Ben Kahns: Fire knight is a great man, my lord.
emmy: wow
Fade: "hot lady"
Beron: hehe
Naxus: Was that Stu?
Ben Kahns: He is the one who bore SerpentBane, the spear, against the Ivory Serpent..
Daravon: oh dear god!
Fire knight: Thanks Ben.
Ben Kahns: And avenged my father's death.
Sir Stuart: Lemaa stay
Naxus: I just saw Stu outside....
Sir Stuart: Lemaa stay
Sir Stuart: Lemaa stay
Lord British: The vermin you speak of sir, shall receive the ends they deserve
Lord British: Mark my words
Schmendrick: Rel Por
Naxus: Hatil Stu.
Naxus: Hail, that is.
Serena: excuse me one sec
Lord British: When they fall, it shall be hard
Fade: np
Deacon Tristram: ahh
Viconia: brb don
Lord British: A great man, Ben says
Fade: heyia vic
Sean: hehe
Lord British: What deeds account for this measure of respect?
Fade: *sideways hugs*
Sean: i admir your castle
Galahad: Ben is a great man
Ben Kahns: When the Ivory Serpent ravaged the seas months ago...
Viconia: hard to see
Deacon Tristram: i have fought a year and never to your guards help, why do not your troops aid us?
Ben Kahns: It was Fire knight who carried the spear SerpentBane...
Lord British: Ivory Serpent?
Ben Kahns: Treated with the poison that injured the beast's regenerative powers.
Lord British: The guards keep the cities safe
Ben Kahns: He had to sail quite close to strike the blow.
Deacon Tristram: they run free in occlo
Serena: Phoenix?
Phoenix: Yes?
Lord British: I have never heard of an Ivory Serpent
Serena: hello
Phoenix: Hello
Ben Kahns: Oh, it did not threaten Britain... but it may have.
Lord British: What manner of creature is this?
Lissa: *nods*
Ben Kahns: Had it not been slain in this part.
Alec: Please give me a rune to Moonglow1
Elizabeth: Twas a serpant of the seas
Ben Kahns: A dreadful creature, a great sea serpent of pale ivory...
Karl: Yes?
Sean: :]
Deacon Tristram: hello lady ragter
Lord British: Interesting
Karl: Yes?
Ben Kahns: It was once a man, a mage, who's experiement's twisted it to it's form...
Lissa: aye, Ben do ye still have the scale?
Lord British: 'Twas only one?
Ben Kahns: Aye, back at my house.
Lord British: or are there more?
Fire knight: With dreadfull black eyes.
Ben Kahns: Aye, luckily
Dexter: Spare some gold friend?
Fade: heya serean
Drago: :)
Ben Kahns: Hopefully we shall not see it's likes again.
Serena: hiya
Ben Kahns: One of it's victims was my father...
Fade: all my friends around
Lord British: Most interesting
Ben Kahns: *pained look*
Lissa: *pats Ben's shoulder*
Lord British: Ah.. my condolences
Fade: i'm just waiting for the thieves to set in..
Ben Kahns: Thank you, my lord.
Galahad: Lord British
Galahad: Lord
ragter: The chest is now locked!
Lord British: Aye?
Galahad: may I ask something?
Lord British: If you wish
Viconia: want trans
Galahad: I You ask what great deads Ben has done to make him Great
Sir Stuart: *pokes ben in rib*
Lord British: Nay
Ben Kahns: Aye?
Lord British: Ben said the man beside him
Galahad: but it it not the man how makes the dead graet
Lord British: Fire Knight
ImaNnoying: wow
ImaNnoying: wow
ImaNnoying: wowo
Lord British: was great
Sir Stuart: British?
Sir Stuart: here?
Lord British: I merely asked why he thought so
Galahad: deed not dead
Sir Stuart: *amazed*

Sean: hey lord british
ImaNnoying: *chuckles*
Sir Stuart: what is going on?
Ben Kahns: What does it look like?
Galahad: Anyman can do a deed
Ben Kahns: Lord British is visiting!
Sean: have a cake ben hand made
Ben Kahns: *excited look*
Lord British: Thank thee
Sean: :]
Galahad: tis a gheart that matters
Sir Stuart: is he hearing of deeds?
ImaNnoying: Wish I coudl get him to visit the Imanewbie Hall
Galahad: er heart
Lord British: Perhaps
Naxus: *Grin*
ImaNnoying: Wishs I could get him to vsiit the Iamnewbie hall
Lord British: but men of dark hearts
Fire knight: I believe there is an article in a past copy of the town cryer newspaper.
Lord British: sometimes perform deeds of great good
Lord British: Does this lessen their deed
Galahad: yes
Galahad: no
Lord British: because they are normally or lesser intent?
Beron: there is too much evil in the land my Lord
Galahad: the deed is great but the man is not
Lord British: Indeed there is
Galahad: a deed should not be the reason you feel someone is great
Lord British: It can be anything to anyone
Deacon Tristram: bah!
Daravon: i feel your poluting our forests with all these houses!
Lord British: If someone feels a deed makes someone great
Kelly: Spare some gold friend?
Galahad: Ben has been a owner here
Lord British: that is their right to feel that way
Galahad: and know people
Galahad: He has seen many
Sir Stuart: Kal Ort Por
Daravon: it got silent!
Lord British: So Ben.. who do you work for?
Ben Kahns: A most enlightened philosophy, my lord.
Ben Kahns: Ah.
Galahad: His word to how is great should not be questioned
Lord British: Who owns the Great Horns Tavern?
Ben Kahns: I work for Lord Hobart, he is one of the members of the Magincian
Ben Kahns: Parliament.
Daravon: hiss
Daravon: nadir!
Lord British: *nods*
Ben Kahns: He owns the property and building.
Ben Kahns: *smiles*
Daravon: nadir over here!
Lord British: Is he here?
Lord British: or nearby?
Nadir Entreri: ?
Kayin: Hail Oh Glorious leader or Britaniia
Ben Kahns: Hm? Oh, he rarely visits.
Lord British: Greetings
Daravon: Katalina was to far out of town to get here in time
Daravon: so i made this guy
Nadir Entreri: ah
Sean: "SUCK IT"
*editor note: trade window for Lord British with the certificate reading, " It is with great pleasure I name thee a hero of the realm. My thanks goes with thee. -Lord British"
Lord British: You do not wish to keep this?
Nadir Entreri: she's in jhelom correct?
Sir Stuart: can you read this
Sir Stuart: yes
Ben Kahns: Ah, my lord...
Lord British: Read it.. I wrote it
Sir Stuart: i t means much to me
Lissa: *giggles*
Fire knight: *smiles*
Daravon: oh jeez
Ben Kahns: Stuart here served the Kingdom during the hunt for the Followers.
Lord British: I gathered such
Ben Kahns: And he was told he would receive an item from your personal vault...
Lord British: else he would not have that certificate
Ben Kahns: But as yet, it seems he has been forgotten.
Daravon: err.
Daravon: go on sir!
Ben Kahns: Doubtlessly not your fault, but some minor bureaucrat in Britain...
Daravon: do yer thing!
Sir Stuart: I humbly ask
Lord British: I shall have Sage Xavia check on that for thee
Phoenix: /
Weird Bob: Hmmm...
Lissa: *smiles*
Fire knight: I wish everyone a good day,
Sir Stuart: I thank thee
Daravon: i wouldnt be so sure sir
Fire knight: Fare thee well.
Lord British: Farewell, Fire Knight
Lord British: 'Twas good to meet thee
Daravon: have you everseen that tunic or armor before?
Fire knight: Have a nice one.
Fire knight: Kal Ort Por
Fire knight: *smiles*
Dallas: *feels out of place in the presence of a king*
Daravon: uhoh
Kayin: Lord British is it true that you live within a secret city not even GMs know of
ImaNnoying: *smiles*
Daravon: lets boo
Daravon: hahahaha!
Ben Kahns: Don't be silly, Kayin!
Lord British: chuckles
Ben Kahns: He lives in Britain, of course.
Lord British: *chuckles*
Lissa: *laughs*
Daravon: hahaha
Kayin: Thats what a Counsleer told me
Nadir Entreri: *scoff*
Daravon: *hiss*
Lord British: counselors are rumor mongers then
Elizabeth: *laugh!*
Lissa: Mi'Lord... if ever ye need a Healer, please call upon me.
Daravon: were gonna be excecuted!
Eyes of Zhelavar: *peers at the King*
Sage Xavia: *grins*
Lord British: and should be careful of what they say
Lissa: *smiles*
Kayin: ahhh my apologies
Viconia: *Smile*
Dallas: *really needs to know why the rampant wearing of human remains is accepted*
Viconia: *guilt*

Ben Kahns: Aye, Lissa and her guild are dedicated to healing the sick and injured.
Pyrowolf: Guess Lord British goes on a lot of vactions
Phoenix: *smiles*
Ben Kahns: A true model of your Virtues, lord sir.
Lissa: *blushes*
Lord British: Good
Lord British: Very good
Daravon: go on sir
Ben Kahns: They maintain a camp right at the Lighthouse of the Lost Lands...
Lord British: Go on what?
Schmendrick: *astonished*
Daravon: ehh.....
Ben Kahns: Healing those who need it from fighting the numerous beasts of that savage
Ben Kahns: and wild place.
Lissa: *nods*
Eyes of Zhelavar: My Lord, my associate, Zhelavar, is trying desparately to clean your woods.
Daravon: i was tallking to nadir mr......british...sir
Viconia: *guilt8
Lord British: *nods*
Eyes of Zhelavar: Mayhaps you can help her.
Lord British: Clear the woods?
Eyes of Zhelavar: Aye.
Lord British: but trees are needed
Dameon: Kill people, really.
Daravon: to many houses!
Dameon: But put it how you want it.
Lord British: and quite nice, I must add
Kayin: Agreed!
Eyes of Zhelavar: Remove the stone and plaster structures
Eyes of Zhelavar: so tha animals may be free
Daravon: the forests asre practicaly polluted!
Eyes of Zhelavar: and the plants may grow.
Ben Kahns: Zhelevar is a murderer, lord. She slays those who in her view
Lord British: Ah.. I see
Lord British: Oh?
Ben Kahns: "Pollute" the forest, primarily by living there.
Quenton: The Kahns family is a respectable merchant house in NuJel'm.
Lissa: Aye..
Kayin: Yes forets either are monster and murderer packed or cities in themselves
Daravon: hahahaha!
Alec: I'm stuck!
ImaNnoying: Good Lord British perhaps someday you woudl grace the Imanewbie Fellowship
Weird Bob: No yuor not
ImaNnoying: Hall with yer presence
Weird Bob: Your confused
Daravon: maybe i should say sir first?
Lord British: Most interesting
ImaNnoying: *chuckles*
Sean: Lord if i my say i like the forest its not your fault people were to slow on buying h
Fire knight: QUIET YOU!
Galahad: Lord
Daravon: hahaha
Sean: houses
Fire knight: YOUR ANNOYING!
Ben Kahns: While I can understand her philosophy, her implementation simply cannot be
Fire knight: *smiles*
ImaNnoying: mayhap the good fellwo didnay hear me
Ben Kahns: justified.
Galahad: Lord
Sean: houses
Daravon: sir
Nadir Entreri: ima
Dallas: Lord British sir... I have a question on my mind, a very troublsome one to me...
Quenton: Oh yes, the last Sosarian king. He doesn't impress many around here, mind you.
Galahad: Lord British
Nadir Entreri: is that you?
ImaNnoying: *decides nto to repeat himself liek he usually doe sin this setting*
ImaNnoying: I am ImaNnoying
Galahad: Lord British
Nadir Entreri: argh
ImaNnoying: one of the losers yes
Ben Kahns: Fie, Quenton! Apologize at once!
ImaNnoying: but not Imanewbie
Lissa: *laughs*
Nadir Entreri: carry this on to imanewbie
Elizabeth: *laugh*
Lord British: *chuckles*
Lissa: Mages..
Sean: *laugh*
ImaNnoying: aye I cna do so
Elizabeth: AHEM!
Galahad: Lord British
Nadir Entreri: it's a newbie item
Nadir Entreri: so be careful with it
Weird Bob: Damnit... is that a magic backpack!
ImaNnoying: Aye will do good lady
Lissa: Eeep... sorry, Elizabeth.
Daravon: the minoc mines re filled with thieves!
Lord British: Magincia has long felt a lesser need for my leadership
Nadir Entreri: tell him
Lissa: *sheepish grin*
Neko: *Smacks Fallo upside the head*
Nadir Entreri: to seek The Entreris out in magincia
Ben Kahns: That they have.
Ben Kahns: And my home of NuJel'm is not part of your Kingdom at all.
ImaNnoying: aye
Ben Kahns: But I still honor you, sir.
ImaNnoying: let em write that dowqn
Lord British: So 'tis not unusually to hear a resident say such
Nadir Entreri: i'd like to tlak to him
Sean: I honor thee
Lord British: 'Tis good to hear
ImaNnoying: the damned fool isn't onlien now but I will send him message anyhow
Daravon: hahaha
Fink: ~
Daravon: no one else have a question?
Nadir Entreri: excellent
Dallas: Sir, i have a problem on my mind
Nadir Entreri: let me see here
Ben Kahns: Fie, Quenton! Apologize at once!
Quenton: *gulp* Er... sorry, mi'Lord... Not my opinion of course! *embarassed look*
Dallas: I would like to ask your stance on the issue
Sean: Lord Bristish I honor you and shall alway honor you
Lord British: Well, 'tis time for Xavia and I
Daravon: tis funnny
Lord British: to take our leave
Nadir Entreri: anyone else important i wanted to talk to
Galahad: Ben
Quenton: Ben is my employer, he pays me to stand here all day and do this! *grins*
Sean: Lord Bristish I honor you and shall alway honor you
Fallo: Prithee, put him back on his feet, your lordship!
Galahad: Ben
Quenton: Ben is my employer, he pays me to stand here all day and do this! *grins*
Lord British: Thank thee
Lord British: *smiles*
Schmendrick: To what do owe thine exalted presence oh revered one!
Lissa: Farewell, mi'lord!
Phoenix: Farewell!
Daravon: hiss!
Ben Kahns: Farewell!
Endbringer: Hmmmm well these are stained
Kayin: Farewell mi'lord!
Lissa: and farewell Xavia!
ImaNnoying: I was j'st hoping to get the good lord to vist the Fellowship Hall
Nadir Entreri: adie ben
Sage Xavia: It was a pleasure meeting you all.
Lord British: We merely wished to visit this fine establishment
Endbringer: lol
Daravon: boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dallas: *frustrated*
Lord British: Indeed, Sage Xavia is correct
Ben Kahns: I do hope you'll stop in for a meal sometime soon.
Lord British: 'Twas a pleasure
Sage Xavia: *smiles*
Ben Kahns: *smiles*
Sean: hehehe
Lord British: We shall try
Lissa: *smiles*
Kayin: Please grace the presece of DOH someday
Fallo: Hail!
Nadir Entreri: gah
Daravon: why would he?
ImaNnoying: good day sir!
Schmendrick: Twas a pleasure to meet your presence our lord!
Lord British: Fare well
Daravon: when he has a mighty palace?
Weird Bob: Bah, damn fool thief killing king!
Lissa: *waves*
Ben Kahns: *hands Fallo a bottle*
Fallo: Or have one of your service wenches do it.