DS vs. PSP: Look it up, folks...

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Nintendo DS: Don't buy this.Nintendo DS: Don't buy this.I just saw something pretty funny over at Kotaku: The DS Sucks Folks, Look it up! I haven't seen this guy before, but apparently he's Jonathan Harchick, and he's been doing his Talking With Jon show since 2002. It's a pretty terrible show, yet at the same time, there's something oddly compelling about it. At any rate, it's worth a few chuckles, and will probably remind you all-too-well of some dork down the street who thinks he knows gaming.


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Couldn't Stop Watching...

Well, after about 20 seconds I knew the guy wasn't for real. But, I couldn't stop watching the darn thing. 12 minutes I sat through that!!! Pretty funny, especially when he talks about the DS not being a controller for the PS3 and the DS can't connect to a PSP!!! The guy should be on G4 Tech TV, they're just as crazy!!


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