Pong - Your thoughts on arguably the true originator of our industry

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Hey guys! I'll be working on the Pong chapter while I'm working on the Spacewar! chapter, as their historical lead-ups kind of run in parallel. In any case, Pong needs no introduction, from its first conceptual appearance on Ralph Baer's Brown Box that "inspired" Nolan Bushnell to ask Al Alcorn to create the original arcade game, to the precursor to it all from 1958, William Higginbotham's "Tennis for Two". Of course I'll also be discussing the various home Pong systems and clones and a few ways that the game influenced future games. As always, your thoughts are much appreciated for this truly iconic game.


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Anonymous wrote:

I was wondering if you have found anything on William Higginbotham? I need some quotes for a project im doing if you find some let me know please


Well, obviously, Mr. Higginbotham is no longer with us, so your best bet is to check out Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL).

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