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Well, the next chapter is on the wonderfully early Spacewar! from 1961 for the DEC PDP-1 mainframe. While there were other games before it that I'll be sure to mention, I would love your thoughts on the games, its home versions, its implementation in the first arcade game, Computer Space, etc. I would also love to hear your thoughts on its ties to Asteroids, as I believe there is a significant connection that must be discussed heavily in the chapter. So not only Spacewar!-like games, but also Asteroids-like games (and any other connections you'd like to suggest). I also read just yesterday that a version of Spacewar! is included in Microsoft's XNA framework as a sample game, so if anyone has any particular info on that I'd love to hear it! Thanks guys!
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That's a good about physics,

That's a good about physics, though the appeal seems to come back to what the Greeks (I think) called mimesis; a sort of pleasure you get when art resembles reality. Take a game that really does an excellent job simulating a car or even showing realistic bodily movement. I remember people raving about this aspect of Prince of Persia. It might explain why people are so fascinated by highly detailed models as well. I don't think it's so much that people are fooled into thinking it's the real thing, but just a pleasure in seeing that someone was able to get it so...right, if you follow.


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