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I thought you guys might find this interesting. One of our fellow geeks has taken to scanning in stuff from his old magazines. You can see the collection here.


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That's Jason Scott, he's a

That's Jason Scott, he's a good guy. He's the one who did the three DVD documentary on the history of BBS'. He's currently in production on a similar documentary for text adventures. I'm going to be in the credits for that one as a supporter, as I was one of the ones who kicked in a little for funding during pre-production.
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Mat Tschirgi (not verified)
Wow, very cool...

Wow, very cool...

I love it when old magazines are done like this. Still makes me upset at how my Mom made me throw out all my old issues of Nintendo Power. To be fair, it was a propoganda magazine, but it had some decent articles in a few of the issues.

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