Pandora - OMAP3 Powered Handheld Linux Console/Computer

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Bill Loguidice
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Looks like this thing is supposed to hit for pre-orders on the 30th. I recommend you go to the site now and sign up for the mailing list if you want in:

Both Mark and I are trying to get in on the pre-orders, but "competition" may be fierce as they'll only have about 3,000 unit available worldwide in the fist run. Should be enough for a little while anyway, but who knows.

I basically want to use it as a pocket computer I can also run full-speed emulators on. I've been disappointed in both my Asus EEE PC and Gp2x F-200 in those roles, so maybe this can take the place of both. One thing they get totally right is the battery life, which is somehow supposed to be 10 hours+ (those aforementioned platforms couldn't get anywhere near that combined).