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OK folks, who here is going to get FO3? I recently watched these vids from here from the start of the game
( http://anandtech.com/weblog/showpost.aspx?i=486 ) and was fairly impressed.

I'm more in the NMA camp of that a certain company only seems to ruin all that it touches and I didnt want an oblivion with guns. I'm still reserving judgment, and probably WONT be buying it on launch. It was however, better looking than I expected.

Wasteland is still king in my book.

Thoughts anyone?

augh I just cruised amazon and you can already preorder the official game guide. nice :(

Looking over a lot of screenies, one thing I would have liked is a bit less emphasize on all the highpowered weaponry and made things a little more gritty and less shiny-shiny...


so who is forking out $120 for the exclusive etc?

Bill Loguidice
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Not me

I would get the collector's edition or even the regular edition, but I'm 99% sure I'm not until much, much later. I'd have to hear something really compelling about it to make we want to plunk down for it, something that truly differentiates it from what I already have.

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