Ultrasound to give feel to games !!!

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Rowdy Rob
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This sounds like something you'd expect out of an episode of "Star Trek," but apparently, to quote the news story, "The power of ultrasonic waves has been harnessed to produce 'virtual' objects in mid-air."

The article points out the possible computer gaming applications of such a device. Here's the link


It almost sounds creepy to me... but I sure want to try it!

Buck Feris (not verified)
Not sure this will work

Medically speaking, ultra sound waves are just that, ultra sound. Just because they are outside the range of our perception does not mean that the vibations do not exist. If you were to walk into a room with enough of this gear to make any sort of holodeck type experience your innards would turn to mush from the vibration force. A good analogy to help you understand: Ultra Violet Light. UV rays are outside of our visible spectrum, so we cannot see it. But what would happen to us if we walked into a room that had high power UV rays blasting at us from all directions? We would cook where we stood. A sort of super tanning bed. A ultra sonic chamber would turn you into jelly from another sort of force. It would be akin to standing in a microwave.

I have heard that the porn industry is interested in this though. Thats just to much for me.

Matt Barton
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Wow, that is an interesting

Wow, that is an interesting development. Seems like the only limitation is that making more solid objects could risk ear damage. If they could get that part worked out, I could definitely see potential for this, especially if it could be combined with some type of holographic or 3D display. Imagine, say, a set of virtual building blocks you could play with.

Bill Loguidice
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I imagine that's the way that the holy grail of virtual reality - the Star Trek Holodeck - would be possible. It's one thing to project images, it's another to give them substance. It definitely has some interesting possibilities, but, like projecting images in the middle of nowhere, we've still got a long way to go before the technology is practical. (and on a related note, there have been some interesting advances in scent technology as well, so we're probably within 100 years of a holodeck, if not 50)

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