GameBiz: A Game that lets you make Games?

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I was browsing Slashdot's Top Indie Games You Wouldn't Mind Paying For and came across GameBiz, an absolutely fascinating game that puts you in the role of a game developer. You get to create games and then market them on a range of platforms including the Amiga (the game begins in 1980). You can also make your own platforms! It's a freebie, so might as well try it out. I know it'd be fun to finally get to see how the Amiga would've turned out with proper management! If you do try the game, please let us know what you think. Click more to see the developer's blurb.

Gamebiz 2 is about the video game industry. You can develope new games for 37 different platforms, like PC, NES, PS2, XBOX, C64, Amiga and many more. You can also develope new Consoles/ platform. Try to beat compertition like Commodore, nintendo, microsoft and all the other big companies.