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Well, Ive finally gone and done it, I've put a large chunk of my cluebook collection on ebay. I haven't _sold_ on ebay in a long time, only bought.. erk.. seller fees! ouch. I told my wife I'd get rid of some stuff I was accumulating (and I think I secretly dont want to sell them! lol).

I've come to realise I have too much 'stuff'.

Collecting is great but it costs... and.. the stuff just sits there doing nothing.. -_- So its time for a purge. Actually I think I'll be lucky if any of it sells. I probably put the base price too high :) but its hard to let some of it go for just peanuts when you know how much you paid etc ... and I guess I want to keep it all!!

I best not let the wife see this post....

Any of you guys ever feel that way about your hobby of retro collecting etc? I envy Bills collection but really I dont know what I'd do with it just for having it for the sake of having it!

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When it comes to selling old

When it comes to selling old games, I'm just happy when they go to people who appreciate them. Sometimes I don't really make any money but feel good anyway. At least they're off my shelf.

Also... $0.99 seems like a perfectly reasonable starting bid to me... unless you think there will only be 1 bidder.

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Yeah the prices are high,

Yeah the prices are high, too low and they'll go for peanuts making it not worth it, at the same time, Im not making a fortune if they sell, considering they are grouped in lots that brings the prices down a lot. will any of them sell? probably not. I saw a copy of Ultima IV cluebook go for $200 a week ago... kinda ridiculous. People selling wasteland cluebooks for $100 etc.

My copy of Secrets of Sosaria is the only real 'rare' item I have, but Magic Candle 1 I've not seen cross ebay yet (tho didnt look very hard), and fountain of dreams is a rare one. Some of the gold box cluebooks are hard to find in mint condition, so many people tend to write in them :/ and they are all the 'colour' editions too. With magic candle, I've noticed all the ebay boxed game versions I've ever looked into didnt come with the giant fold out map which mine came with... Does you copy have the giant fold out map?
(edit: the game, not the cluebook comes with the giant foldout map)

I have a whole bunch more that I didnt put up, mostly because I dont think anyone would be interested in one off cluebooks really.
They are all legit as far as I know, but sometimes you dont see something cross ebay for a couple of years then there is a glut.
There are classic games that are cool but dont have the demand (like the epyx cluebook that has the Legend of Blacksilver in it, or the Tunnels and Trolls cluebook or Faerytale etc.. lots of one offs). Stuff like ultima cluebooks always sell, but at the same time you have a lot of competition (tho when someone lists U5 cluebook for $150 and it sits there for MONTHS you'd think they would get a clue but it only takes 1 buyer to buy it....) My U6 cluebook is different from most, it has the C64 differences addendum which again I've not seen on ebay but that doesnt mean anyone would buy it. There are a few cheap U6 cluebooks on ebay right now so its a no-competition thing. not worth the fee's to list it.

I have noticed one particular seller selling the same item time after time. Now I can understand buying old store stock (I did it in australia from a couple of old PC shops) but... for a not easy to find item and selling copy after copy mmm... they either all look the same or its the same stock photo... but then.. its not something that sells for a lot so not worth counterfeiting... just odd.

One thing I hate is when like with the bards tale stuff, the first two books come in the same format but they break that for the third. Magic Candle is the same, 1st is different from the last two. The gold box stuff etc, PoR/AB have this beautiful colouring and then they go mono colouring.

If they don't sell.. I can tell my wife I tried ;) I probably wont look on ebay until they all expire. Its a hard "game" to resist watching or being despondant when they dont sell! lol.

I understand the perishable moving thing. A lot of my stuff is still in australia, books are heavy and heavy costs a lot on postage and boxes get tossed around.

-- Stu --

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Hobby stuff

I found your listings on eBay... And yes, those prices are a bit high for me. :) Fortunately I already own "Secrets of Sosaria", wouldn't mind getting the Magic Candle hint books though...

My principal hobby has always been book collecting; I have several bookcases of paperbacks, roleplaying books, computer books, etc. Moving is getting to be a real pain, but this is the kind of stuff you can't really put into storage, since it's too perishable.

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You can put up the link if you wish, of course.

As for my collection, yes, it's at the point of oppressive and certainly it makes me exceedingly angry and disappointed when something stops working, like recently the internal disk drive on my C-128D, and right when I needed to grab screen captures for the book.

I certainly don't get to use it all as much as I'd like, but I love that it's there when I do get around to it. I don't have too many passions outside of my family, working out and technology, so collecting like I do sort of completes my happiness. I play what I can when I can, but yeah, there's just not enough time to truly enjoy it all, particularly with working on articles and books all the time, which precludes me from doing stuff just for fun most of the time.

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