Updates from the C-64 (C64) Orchestra in The Netherlands

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Bill Loguidice
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We received the following update (be sure to account for the European date format):

"C64 orchestra is going to play 3 new songs at their live shows. The premiere of the 3 new songs is at the 5 Days Off festival in Amsterdam.

05-07-2008 Paradiso, Amsterdam

The 3 new songs are:

Rubicon (Jeroen Tel)
Cybernoid 1 (Jeroen Tel)
Auf Wiedersehen Monty (Rob Hubbard)

Next shows of the C64 orchestra:

24-05-2008 Mezz, Breda, The Netherlands
05-07-2008 Paradiso / 5 Days Off, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
17-07-2008 Stevenskerk, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
30-08-2008 Burgerweeshuis / 3 Days ON, Deventer, The Netherlands
29-11-2008 Paard van Troje, Den Haag, The Netherlands
11-12-2008 Frits Philips Centrum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands"