February Retrogaming Radio Released!

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Shane Raistlin Monroe has released the February edition of Retrogaming Radio, which, as always, is loaded with great content for anyone even remotely interested in retrogaming and classic computing. Shane has even been kind enough to review my book Dungeons and Desktops.

Here is Shane's blurb about the show:

The February show is finally here and only nearly 3 weeks late! This month, we interview Messiah's Brad Strahle, take a look at the Nintendo Seal of Quality from 1985 - can it make a comeback? We take a look at the new book Dungeons & Desktops by our own Matt Barton, our regular Chasing the Chuckwagon and Bits & Bytes segment, and more!

As usual, this is a long and detailed program, but I doubt any serious retrogamer will complain about the length!

While I won't transcribe Shane's review here (you should really listen to the show!!), he is very positive. He says it is one of the few "no-nonsense" books out on the topic, though he might want to look closer at the section on the Gold Box games (esp. Pool of Radiance) where I have a bit of fun. Anyway, I am very gratetful to Shane for taking the time to review the book and get the word out. I unfortunately have not received a copy of the book yet (I think there may be one in the mailbox right now, though), so I'm still unable to comment on the quality of the finished production. I know a few of you have received your copies, so please, please, please post your reviews, here and on Amazon. The blurb on Amazon is short and doesn't go into much detail on the content. I appreciate the due diligence of Shane and my most excellent co-editor Bill Loguidice in informing the retrogaming community about my book.

Now, quit reading and go download the show!


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Another mention on RGR

At the end of the show, he also mentions the Atari VCS 2600 entry at Gamasutra from our ongoing series there. Gamasutra just accepted entry number five (of six), the Intellivision, one I'm particularly pleased with. I think it's absolutely the definitive single article Intellivision story for gamers.

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