Space Invaders 30th Anniversary Edition

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I downloaded the SI30 demo onto my psp to check out. OMG! Psychedelic to the max. and powerups. I dont know if its the demo but it seems.. VERY easy, and I dont think I like all the strobbing pulsing stuff, it distracts and often hides the enemies. powerups seem way to abundant. I was clearning levels in seconds.

I dont know, it felt off.. (like when they did that galaga remake for the amiga/arcades... or was it galaga 88/90...)

anyone else play the demo?? what do you guys think...

Bill Loguidice
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Yeah, what ever happened to subtlety?

I haven't tried it yet, but I know what you mean about psychedelia. That seems to be the default design for modern remakes of old games. I don't quite get the fascination with it. Sometimes it works, like with Pac-Man Championship Edition on XBLA more or less, but the majority of time it's just unnecessary distraction.

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