Amazing Photography Breakthrough!

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Bill Loguidice
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This is a great idea! You've heard of multiple processors on one chip, so why not multiple lenses on a digital camera? The prototype has 100 megapixels (when most cameras today are lucky to do 7 or 8) and 19 lenses, creating a type of three dimensional scene that allows for 19 simultaneous pictures, allowing for perfect focus. I'm excited by the possibility of true depth-of-field and greater user interactivity with a single photo. Just imagine what it could do for vintage videogame and computer photography! (though the applications are of course limitless) Check it out here and let's hope we start to see this available at mainstream prices within five years or so:

Mark Vergeer
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wow pretty amazing

Yes, what a wonderful invention. It would be interesting to see what type of useful applications that will be created with this. :-)

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