Parallels on OSX Tiger/Leopard - Allows for running Windows XP or Vista straight from the real partition

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Mark Vergeer
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I must make some excuses for the horrible snuffing and coughing in the background - some horrible flu-virus is attacking me leaving me with mucus pouring out of about every head-orifice imaginable.

I wanted to see if the latest Parallels was up to it's claim that it is able to use the same windows (XP or Vista) installation as the real machine (bootcamp or otherwise made possible on Tiger). And I can tell you it does! You need Vista or Windows XP SP2 installed on your computer prior to the installation of Parallels. Once you've installed Parallels it'll have the partition VM available for you to boot.

The first time you boot your real Windows from within Parallels a new windows configuration profile is created which allows one Windows installation to function with rather different hardware settings but with the same registry and program settings. And it does it like a charm.

A good alternative for OSX Tiger users who cannot use Bootcamp any more - this has been reserved for Leopard only - and still want to use their Windows installation. Mind you it is possible to actually boot your Windows without Bootcamp on Tiger 10.x.x with a little fiddling about. Possibly more on that a little later.