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My ideas for AA's continued life
Matt Barton wrote:

Hi, guys. Just wanted us to make a stab at writing a business plan for the next three years of AA (makes me wonder, too, just how long we've been up?)

Be nice to get clear on where we want to be in three years, our mission, what distinguishes us from competition, goals, etc.

Seems like a decent idea. We should have goals and we may as well discuss this in public.

Matt Barton wrote:

Obviously, it'd be nice to grow the site, though currently we've found that "outsourcing" our talents is more lucrative (at least in the short term). Like to work on increasing our "authority" rate on technorati and start planning events to really drive the big sites (slashdot, etc.) to our site at least once every 3 months or so (just to stay on the radar). COntests haven't worked for us, but maybe some type of "events," perhaps focused on one platform at the time (hit them with an excerpt, new content, poll, etc., all at once). It'd be lots of fun to have something like, "March is the month of the TI-99/4A!" and the like, and just focus all (or most, at least) of our energies that month on that one platform. Reviewing games for it, getting magazine scans up, discussing it in the forums, Mark doing youtubes of it, etc.

I like the idea of theme months. We can have fun with that. With my video capture working almost universally now, I can start to contribute more profound and original stuff in that regard. Contests - even when the prizes have been quite good (free stuff!) - have never worked out well for us, so that I agree with.

Matt Barton wrote:

As Bill will not do doubt chime in, content is our strength, so that's obviously where we want to build. nevertheless, might be worthwhile to check for new games for our "games section" and just think about ways to make ourselves more visible. Maybe get the aardvark back on the homepage somehow. I'd also like for Mark's little icons of us to appear somewhere prominent. These little pics could link to our respective blogs. hm. Also should check the drupal modules section and see if there's any more "must haves" that we could benefit from.

I was thinking about the games. I know the author of our current games has more Flash games up. The only requirement of course is that they retain the high scores, which some of his new stuff certainly does.

I also would love to Mark to expand the icons. I love what we have and think they make a perfect first paragraph image, so this way the heavy bandwidth full images can be saved after someone clicks.

I'd still like us to get into game publishing under the Armchair Arcade banner. I'd like to sell things like full color digi-pack CD games (all professionally packaged) for $5 plus shipping, giving around $1.50 - $2.50 per copy sold directly to the author. Initial print runs would start in the 1,000 copy range. Again, I'd like Armchair Arcade to be the publisher and anything we personally develop (not outside developers) for us to do under the Myth Core Productions banner. This way there's a clear delineation between our developing and publishing efforts. I'd also like us to consider - initially with Lulu and eventually to a more traditional print run - getting into niche book/guide/manual publishing. We have a great deal of editorial expertise and we can certainly help would-be authors get published and make sure everything comes out as professional as possible. We'd again do most of the editing and production work and take only a nominal percentage of the sales. That too would be under the Armchair Arcade banner.

Ultimately, I'd like to continue exactly what we're doing at Armchair Arcade, just augment what we're doing. I'd like us to be supporters of indie/niche movements, where I think we can add significant value.

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