Gamasutra's A History of Gaming Platforms - The Apple II [Plus Armchair Arcade-exclusive Bonus Images]

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A History of Gaming Platforms - The Apple II
"The Apple II is one of the most successful, influential and long-lived home computers of all time. Perhaps more than any other machine, it moved the home computer from the worktable of the hobbyist to the living room of the typical American family. The Apple series debuted in 1977 and became a definitive home computer after the introduction of the Disk II drive in 1978. The "Platinum" IIe, the last of the Apple II line, was in production until November 1993. For countless enthusiasts and professionals thriving in the industry today, the adventure began with their first bite of Apple."

What follows are the two images Gamasutra chose not to include in the article:

Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (1984), shown here, and its prequel, Castle Wolfenstein (1981), both from the late Silas Warner and Muse, created a unique mix of stealth, strategy and action, complete with software-based speech synthesis.

Electronic Arts remained an ardent supporter of the Apple II series of computers into the late 1980s, publishing many classic titles along the way, including 1984’s Skyfox. The back cover is pictured here.