Amiga Forever on OLPC and Eee PC

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Takeo Sato of Amiga Forever just sent me some links to some pretty cool stuff for those of us who still adore the Amiga. One is a demonstration of the Amiga OS running on the OLPC, which, as you know, is a charitable operation in which buying yourself a laptop is matched by a donated laptop to a needy child. the other link is a similar operation, though this time on a ASUS Eee PC.

I'm not sure which of these laptops I'd rather have, though the OLPC one seems oddly appropriate. As cool as Linux is, I still miss those days of user-generated content that were so heavily inspired by the Amiga (mods, demos, graphics, etc.)

I know a few of you have OLPCs and ASUS Eees, and I'd really like to hear about it if you decide to try running Amiga Forever on one of your units.


Bill Loguidice
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"Frankly, I have come to think both those laptops are overpriced in comparison to what you can get in the refurb/clearance markets and the details are still pretty murky about who actually is getting these things and how exactly it's benefiting them. I'd like to hear from an actual owner of one of those machines, though.

As for the Amiga thing, sadly, it's a case of "just because you can" at this point. Amiga 4000's still command a high price on eBay these days ($300+ depending upon configuration) and a lot of people accelerate the heck out of them and run some fairly modern PC software on it (converted to run on accelerated Amiga's)."

"Well I can tell you WinUAE looks great on my desktop too. WinUAE has come a long way. I remember way back when it was still an Unsusable Amiga Emulator. It is still a hassle to configure it though, despite the presets."

"For those interested:"

"whats the speed of UAE on these machines like? I would have tought them a bit subpar to run UAE at full speed."


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