Database Issues - My apologies

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Bill Loguidice
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I accidentally deleted Armchair Arcade's main database in attempting to do some server clean-up. Luckily, Matt Barton's quick work was able to restore the site to the last backup. Unfortunately, that means that everything posted in roughly the past 20+ days is lost. You have my sincerest apologies and should know that I feel absolutely miserable over this. It won't happen again.

I'm rebuilding now from Google's cache data and should be able to get to a reasonable fascimile of the last 20+ days of work given enough time. The biggest losses were whatever Mark wrote after or before his SHMUPS article and the time the data was lost. Google's cache was stingy with Mark's stuff for some reason. I was not able to restore individual comments to articles, only mass text pastes. Finally, no forum posts in the last 20 days or so have been recovered.