Topics and Free Tagging Explained

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Hi, guys. I noticed Bill was having some problems with the "topic" feature and free tags, so I really think I should probably try to explain how they work. The principle is that instead of having a set of pre-defined tags to choose from (ps3, nintendo, commodore), you get to create your own tags. You simply enter them into the "topic" bar and separate them with commas: Ex: "commodore, nintendo, games" or "windows, macintosh, gui." You should always use lowercase so that we don't end up with two tags like Macintosh and macintosh.

If someone already has entered the tag or one very similar, it should show up when you enter it into the topic. You should choose the pre-existing tag if one exists.

Furthermore, you don't have to select a topic. You can just select a TYPE, such as admin discussion, and not worry about it. However, they are free, so I'd suggest using as many tags as you think will apply to your post.


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Great feature! I like it

Great feature! I like it much better than the old way. I fixed my blog entry. Until full launch I'll continue posting them both at the old AA and here. I'd like us to get some content backlogged.


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