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Matt Barton
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Wow, I'm impressed to hear that, Stu. I've always wanted to try a straight razor myself. FOr awhile I wore a handlebar mustache, and that was fun finding the wax for it. :)

I'm afraid my Christmas is going to look like something out of Dickens this year, but if I had my way I'd get a new desktop. This one is really showing its age. I'd also like a nice large monitor, say 24" widescreen.

On the plus side, I am getting used to working with my iMac now. I really think the biggest problem I was having was the mouse; the default mouse is horrid. Now that I've swapped it out with a Logitech laser and tweaked the settings, it's feeling much better. Next step: new keyboard. :)

Bill Loguidice
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My previously acquired PS3 (last month) is my main Christmas gift. As a matter of fact, even though it was a used 60GB model off of eBay, I was still able to get the 5 free Blu Ray movies, which arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, I've had to drop my PS3 down from 1080i to 720p since for some reason Blu Ray movies in 1080i via the PS3 were acting weird on my TV (with a strange, faint scrolling scan line). It's a lot like not being able to run the Gamecube or Wii in 480p on my TV since when the color white displays, it causes issues at the top of the screen, so the Wii is in 480i. Everything else runs fine in all resolutions, including the Xbox 360 (720p), Xbox (all), PS2 (up to 1080i) and Cable box (1080i).

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For the holidays... mm.. we

For the holidays... mm.. we are not really buying anything for each other. Getting two new shave soaps from mama bear I hope... (I use a traditional blade.. and you need good soap, not the goop in a can...)...

I never ask for anything for xmas really.

Will probably get the dog a new squeeky chew toy. The little boy will get something too I am sure.

I got the wife an legit autographed photo of 'spike' from buffy .. and that was it for this year.

-- Stu --


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