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Matt Barton
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I'm wondering who all here is spending time in MMORPGs and games like Second Life. I saw Second Life today and was really struck by how terrible it looks compared to World of Warcraft, but I'm sure there must be something to it beyond the craptastic graphics (maybe it was just the area I was exploring). What are your thoughts on these sorts of games? Waste of time, or are they more compelling/addictive than single player, standalone games?

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I've tried Everquest online a couple times using a friends invite. Didn't really get into it, primarily due to the sluggishness of the server(s). I know it wasn't my PC as my friend said alot of people were experiencing the same thing.

I tried Second Life last month and felt sick afterward. It was just plain dumb.

I like RPG's on my 360, and I've certainly played a ton of them on the PC as well.


Bill Loguidice
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MMORPGs and such

I would try a free one, but not a pay one, and I'm in no particular rush unless someone I knew was on a free one. I beta tested the Everquest MMORPG on the PS2, but that was not really appropriate for that platform, and I went through the torture of beta testing (free trial, whatever - it was free before it's official roll-out if you had the disc from Official Xbox Magazine) the Final Fantasy MMORPG on the Xbox 360, but again, it was not particularly optimized for the platform. Unlike Stu, I do pay for subscriptions - I have one to Xbox Live and one to GameTap, the former pre-paid for quite some time and the latter still on my pre-paid year. I consider those quite worth it and I also don't feel a particular obligation to use them with my busy schedule. With a paid MMORPG, as I've said many times before, I'd feel obligated to play it. That to me is not a measure of fun, even if I might become addicted after a while (which I surely would if it were good enough and I'm sure the feeling would last for at least a few months). Nope, for me, I'm still a "come and go" kind of play guy. For multiplayer, I mostly play action RPGs with the wife. Right now we're slogging through (in a good way) Champions of Norrath on the PS2. Our next game will likely be Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the PS3...

Just like I'd like to see a return of classic Super Mario Bros. on modern technology (Super Paper Mario on the Wii comes close, but relies too much on story and RPG elements, as well as an (admittedly neat) 3D gimmick), I'd love to see the return of classic 2D CRPGs on modern technology. 3D to me still does not have to be the end-all-be-all of modern game design. Frankly, I'm a fan of the 2D plane (even most chess games I put in the 2D mode for ease of sight) in a lot of cases. Of course I may have to break the seal on my copy of Mass Effect Limited Edition for the Xbox 360 to see if my feelings will get a bit of a tug in the other direction... ;-)

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Never played an mmorpg or

Never played an mmorpg or seen second life.

Did play diablo online once.

I dont go for subscription anything or things that require so much involvment that is required (I have enough hobbies and need to finish programming my own crpg ^_^...)

-- Stu --

Mark Vergeer
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I have explored 2nd life a little

I have explored 2nd life a little and what strikes me is the empty shallow interactions people seem to have and at the same time these people claim that this interaction can be just a rich as real live interaction with others. Sometime the virtual interaction is preferred over real life-interaction. There are parts of 2nd life that are just very creative and awe inspiring but the parts that you encounter when you first enter the world are looking drab. But I think comparing World of Warcraft and Second Life is a mistake as second Life is not a game like World of Warcraft is. The way the graphics have been designed and are vastly different.
Second life is a hype, was a hype. It is a technological sociological experiment and it has attracted some investers and quite a few entrepreneurs who want to earn a quick buck by selling virtual and real life goods.
World of Warcrafts is a MMORPG, and a hype and playing it excessively is associated with addiction, social isolation and depression according to some.

Hording virtual goods and grinding through the same boring repetitive actions, only to get a higher rank and gain more degrees of freedom within the game universe is not what I like to do a way to enjoy my self. Work if more fun, but WOW can feel like work this way.
Any MMORPG is a waste of time if it causes people to loose out on meaningful real interactions with others in life. On the entertaining value of World of War Craft I can only say I dislike the repetitive - almost like work - repetitive actions people need to grind through to experience anything fun or meaningful.

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