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BL: Welcome to yakumo9275's (Stu) ongoing "Gates of Delirium Live" recounting of his play through this obscure Computer Role Playing Game for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer, released in 1987 from Diecom. Post 9:

I'm headed north, to the dungeon just south-east from Ghost Town. Its time to get that third key.

This dungeon is quite boring, its all sectioned off, so it feels like twice the amount of levels. Tilesets don't change all the way down or up.

Since the levels are basically halved, halfway down you turn around and come back up the 'other half'. The only frustrating thing here is chests on top of ladder tiles so you have to hunt around for them.

At the "top" I successfully used a couple of horns after dragging the monsters away from the door. This let me walk right in unmolested and get the gate key and walk out. Next to the door is a fountain which I tested and its good! mmmm. Refreshing.

Another KeyAnother Key

Now to make my way out again.

Yay, three gate keys down. There was nothing hard at all in the dungeon. I used three torches and a bunch of horns.

I need to get back to Tirary and stock up on horns again then I am off to the dungeon near Twin City I.

Based on my notes, I need to get a moongate there and the one I need is on the southern continent. Good thing I have my ship and just visited Tirary. Sailing north lands me pretty much where I need to be. The ships cannon makes light work of any waiting monsters and I set off a bit to the north-east. I lucked out, as I approached the moongate winked out, so I know exactly what square its on.

TwinCity DungeonTwinCity Dungeon

As soon as the gate opens I walk onto it and find myself next to Twin City I and the dungeon.


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Keys keys keys

3 keys down... er, how many to go? By the look of your earlier screen shot, there's at least six keys... and something tells me it's probably seven.

By the sound of it, the key dungeon grind is sounding a lot like retrieving the stones at the bottom of the dungeons in Ultima 4, or the marks in Ultima 3... Although the former at least had the decency to always be one per dungeon, and always on the eighth level. The sad part is that in both of the other cases, they weren't end-goals to find them.

At this point, I hope that you at least get some nice message when you finally get through the gates! Something other than "Congratulations! You alone have shown the will and stomach to play through this weak piece of drek to its bitter conclusion. Other lesser men would have found better things to do by now, but not you! Your reward is this: Buy more Diecom games! Oh, and be sure to drink your Ovaltine."

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Hi Adam, yeah 3 keys down. I

Hi Adam, yeah 3 keys down. I think there is 3 keys left to get but I cant really tell.

I too hope I get something at the end other than a 'Cheerio, thanks for playing' message.

There is still one character I can't locate in the game that I am trying to do right now, 'Zanzibar'. The magician in Triary that I cant recruit is Merlin, and I cant for the life of me figure out what the trigger conditions are for him to join. That leaves just one last player character left, which is Zanzibar.

If the game requires you to have all 7 companions to complete it, I'll be most P/O'd since I cant do anything to recruit Merlin. Time to go back to the other towns and interrogate everyone all over again to find this guy/gal.

-- Stu --


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