Gates of Delirium Live - Post 8

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BL: Welcome to yakumo9275's (Stu) ongoing "Gates of Delirium Live" recounting of his play through this obscure Computer Role Playing Game for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer, released in 1987 from Diecom. Post 8:

Found another dungeon more or less by accident, and its just around from the start location. Honestly, the player is supposed to visibly see every single tile in the map to know or otherwise if something is hidden. Anyways I'm hoping since this dungeon is near the game start location that it will be easier than the others.

Time to go hunting for another key!

The first couple of levels were uninteresting and I ran into no monsters. Things got a little more tricky when on the third level I took the wrong stair case and found my self surrounded by a field of lava and inside that was a host of nasty creatures. As soon as I had fought one lot I quickly ascended the stairs. Luckily there was another set of stairs going down and this time I didnt run into an ambush.

Not many colours is painful on the eyesNot many colours is painful on the eyes
With not many colours, this can get a bit painful on the eyes

The fith level seemed to have a larged walled off area in the center of the map... Who knows if that bodes good or bad just yet.

Well I guess I know the answer to that question. The sixth level has no down ladder but it does have an up which appears to take me back to the fifth level and than back down to the sixth level in another section...

Nice! Ive managed to use horns to good advantage and make it down to level seven. Popping my head down the ladder I see LOOT! Only.. there is no ladder above me to climb back up!!!

Level seven is split by lava, but there are stairs down to level eight.

Lava MazeLava Maze

Level eight is a maze of crumbling walkways but to the far left is another room of bad guys and a gate key! Yes, I escaped with my second key.

Second Gate KeySecond Gate Key

Well.. escaping is a relative word.. Remember when I said there was no ladder above me to climb back up? Trial and error by going up and down the extra stairs in levels six, seven and eight led me to a ladder that went up with no down and I find my self back in the small walled area on level 5.

Going the rest of the way back up is pretty straight forward.

I now have two gate keys to my name....

Anyway, on the great southern continent is a maze, one that I have been trying to tackle for quite some time. This maze is a PAIN!!!

Here you go, step-by-step instructions on how to navigate this maze. (P = push, so PW3 means push west 3 times).

E3,S3, PS2, E, S, E2, PN, PW2, E, PN3, E, PE, N, E3, S2, W, S, PS, PW, S3, E3, N3, E, N5, PE2, S5, PE, PS4, PE2, S, E, S3, W5, N3, W3

At this point there should be a block to your west.

push west 13 times.. There is lava, if you push a block over the lava, the lava turns into plain flooring (if you had the hit points + spell points you could walk it all but it would be haaard)

PN2, W2, S4, PE1, PS3, PE2, S2, W2, S4, PS, E2, S7, E, PE3, N, PE, PN2, S2, W, S, W3, N4, E3, PE15, S2, E2, N2, PW1, E, S2, W2, N1, PN2, S, E2, N2, W, PW17, PN1, W, N, PE18, N, E, N, PN3, W2, S, PS, N2, E2, S3, W, PW10, PN3, PW6, PS2, W, S, W3, S... You are now at the stairs down!

Finding the stairs down reveals a small room with a sign that reads 'Some walls may not be real'.. nice :( As if this couldn't get any harder.

I spent a loooong time in this dungeon. There was no key!!!! AAAAAARGH. No reward for this crazy dungeon.

All this for nothing at all... talk about dejected. The time spent on this... at least everyone else knows to steer clear of this place.

Enough of dungeons, I'm going to check out the castles again and see if I've missed anything. Since I'm on this southern continent I hit the local castle (aka Castle #2), and with an abundance of keys I'm unlocking all the cell doors. Oddly enough the guy who originally told me he was poisoned is still alive and... he responded to the join command! Rantor the male orc thief joins the party with 14 hit points and is poisoned. Just enough steps to get to the dang priest just south of the jail to heal him up, but I cast a heal on him just for good measure to make sure we got there.

I doubt I'll find anyone else of interest in the jail but I'll try. Its nice the guards dont care that I am unlocking all the cells.

Time to go and hit the dungeon south of Ghost Town.


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Good stuff. A challenging dungeon of puzzles is always something you can eventually learn to enjoy, but if there's no reward at the end, it kinda sucks. That seems to be the problem with this game... the creator/writer didn't really understand how to design a CRPG, only write the engine for one.


tlindner (not verified)
This has been super interesting.

This has been super interesting. I am the person who helped Andrew L. Ayers and Michael Crawford copy this game into an emulatable form.

I didn't know much about the game before they contacted me. Your articles have been very enjoyable.

tim lindner

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Thanks Tim. As Ultima III is one of my fav games I was really hyped up to test/ply this game. As you've probably read its a game that 'could of been' but for whatever reason just... wasnt. Im glad the time was spent on it to make it available to the public.

-- Stu --


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