Streetfighter the later years - nice series @ college humor dot com

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Street fighter II was a game I played a lot on my Snes when I was younger. To me it is the game that got me introduced to the fighting game genre. I was actually playing a DOS based homebrew Street fighter game back in College that I got from an ftp-server of the University of LA. Now Street fighter is back on Xbox 360 live and whilst trying out to to voice-chat on Live ChairoNoMe introduced me to a new Street fighter based series - this you gotta see if you know Street fighter. This little series shows the game characters after they retired from the game and went on to have 'normal lives'. Worth checking out, worth a good laugh!

This picture shows the actual game characters that can be found in the StreetfighterII Snes game. Get familiar with them and enjoy this great series by College humor dot com!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

More to follow....