The First Bally Astrocade Homebrew in the Modern Era - "War", the Colorful Warlords Clone

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I've been following this development on the Bally Astrocade (ballyalley) mailing list and it looks like the author will soon be ready to go into production. I'm slightly disappointed that this game is not an original concept, but it looks undeniably great, even with the rash of quality homebrew Warlords clones on Atari systems in recent years (Castle Crisis, Medieval Madness). Paddle games are obviously ideally suited to the Astrocade since it has joysticks that double as spinners. Check out more info and a video here. As you can see, it makes superb use of color and really pushes a system with infamously limited system memory!

Commentary from author Mike G. from the list:


Right now the coin-op and 2600 version of Warlords have the computer players
"hold" the ball like the human players do. (And also the 2600 homebrew
Medievil Mayhem). My bally warlords game does not support this AI for the
computer players, they just try and defend the fireballs, and do a pretty
good job of doing so, making the challenge of beating them not too hard, not
too easy. But it's bugging me a little bit that this difference is there,
and I'm probably going to "finish" the game by adding the ability for them
to hold and release the ball at other players. There is a chance that this
actually make them less challenging, since when they're hurling a fireball
at an opponent they may be leaving themselves open to another fireball
that's coming towards their castle.

Really this game is most fun when playing against other human opponents. I
have been tempted to make some labels, set up some production with Mike
White and start shipping it out, but I think this last change may be worth
it. I'm a little torn since I'm eager to get started on the next game.

Here is a movie made of the game:

It's the first look anyone besides Adam has seen up until now, so have a
look! The framerate in the movie is actually slower than what the game
actually runs at, but you get the idea.



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Warlords on PSP

Here's a trailer up for the new Atari Classics for PSP. It looks like there's an 'evolved' versions of Warlords included. Not sure if these are just graphical enhancements or any significant gameplay enhancements, but still probably worth checking out.

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